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We're trusted by organizations of all sizes around the world. Our customers inspire us to continually improve ourselves and provide the best software, services, and support. We are committed long-term to helping our customers realize their full potential and stay competitive. Here are some customer highlights below.


Since implementing SymmetricDS as a strategic part of our infrastructure, we have gained many advantages for ourselves and for our customers.
- Jeff Morris, VP Engineering at SMARTMD

The SymmetricDS tool was the ideal software solution for the data synchronization scenario we were required to implement.
- Calum Hutchison, Project Manager at Cancer Research UK

A truly effective and low maintenance application.
- Michael Dalton, Manager of Store Systems at Abercrombie & Fitch

Solid Product - Dependable, Stable, Consistent
- Kevin Kepp, Director Information Technology at Big Lots

Great product, easy to use and manage yet robust and scalable to fit any environment
- Joe Corbin, Sr. Retail Solution Consultant at Oracle

Simply put symmetric-ds is hands down the simplest database synchronization tool on the market.
- Paul Fortin, Owner / Operator at SysGeeks

SymmetricDS is a very elegant and reliable solution; easy to understand and grasp. I've had great success with it, and the JumpMind support is excellent.
- Rob Wright, Co-founder at Homebrewed, Inc.

Operations is unaware of SymmetricDS as it just works and requires no maintenance. It starts automatically as a service and is self maintaining. Most people understand that something is keeping the data synchronized, but they don't understand how the 'magic' occurs. SymmetricDS is the 'magic'.
- Brian Scheibmeir, IT Manager at Onsite Health

We are using SymmetricDS for more than a year in our Retail Es. It is a really good and trustful solution.
- Suresh N

The flexibility and scalability of SymmetricDS has been instrumental in our successful rollout of store systems into new regions of the world. The ease of operation and reliability have made SymmetricDS one of the backbones of our global systems.
- POS Project Manager

We are using SymmetricDS for two different applications for more than 6 months. It is a very robust mature system. System is stable, simple to configure, and easy to use. It works very well with us.
- Mohamed Essayed

I am using now in production between 30 Postgresql databases and it is working really well.
- Miguel Angel Rasero

The design and simplicity of the config has impressed me to a great extent. I have almost finished the config of our replication requirement within flat 2 days from the day I came to know about SymmetricDS. Many thanks to the designers, developers, and documenters/supporters for providing such an excellent product.
- Raja Patil

Case Studies

SMARTMD Multi-Tenant Medical Data Sync

SMARTMD Leverages SymmetricDS to Provide Medical Clinic Data Synchronization.

Cancer Research UK data synchronization and transformation

Cancer Research UK utilizes SymmetricDS for flagship Race for Life event website.

Retail Open Source Refresh

A retailer chooses SymmetricDS to synchronize Oracle POS MySQL store database with central office DB2 database.

Mobile medical data synchronization

A healthcare organization consolidates data and improves operations using SymmetricDS multi master replication.

International retailer data synchronization

An international retailer utilizes SymmetricDS to synchronize all store data across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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