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Production Support

JumpMind provides support services to address your production issues with a guarenteed fast response time. We resolve issues, fix defects in the software, and provide updates or patches. Production support is not consultative in nature.

Production Support Options

Certified VersionYesYes
Maintenance UpdatesYesYes
Requested Bug FixesYesYes
Version Support Period12 months24 months
Indemnification OptionsYes
Support Services
Knowledge Base
Support ForumYesYes
Issue TrackingYesYes
Web SupportYesYes
Email SupportYesYes
Initial Contact via PhoneYes
Number of IssuesUnlimitedUnlimited
Named Contacts210
Service Level Agreement (Times in US/Eastern time zone)
Support Access8x58x5 (24x7 for P1)
Priority 1 Response Times
6 business hours2 hours
Priority 2 Response Times1 business day6 business hours
Priority 3 Response Times2 business days1 business day
Priority 4 Response Times2 business days1 business day


  • Certified Version - Customers always have access to the latest version of the software that is certified for production use.
  • Maintenance Updates - Maintenance updates are released periodically to fix bugs, configuration, and performance issues that keep your deployment up to date.
  • Requested Bug Fixes - Customer can request to expedite the fix for a specific bug that has been reported.  JumpMind will make a reasonable commercial effort to fix the bug and deliver as a patch release.
  • Version Support Period - A minor release (X.Y) of the software is supported and updated with maintenance releases for the specified time period.  An extended support period is available on request.

Support Services

  • Knowledge Base - A collection of articles that identify common issues and how to resolve or workaround them.
  • Support Forum - A web-based forum for users to discuss issues and other topics during the course of their project, with the benefit of involvement from JumpMind experts.
  • Issue Tracking - Customers enter their issue into the tracking service where they can monitor its progress.  During the resolution process, the customer and support engineers can add comments, upload attachments, and update the status.
  • Web / Email / Phone Support - Depending on the level of support, customers have access to support engineers through the web, email, or phone.
  • Issue - An issue is a single support incident with a JumpMind product and the reasonable effort needed to resolve it.  A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate parts.
  • Named Contacts - Support is provided to the Named Contact(s) provided by the Customer.  End users requesting assistance will be redirected to their respective Named Contact.

Service Level Agreement

  • Support Access - Depending on the level of support, customers gains access to support engineers during business hours (9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, except holidays).  For Priority 1 issues, Enterprise Support includes access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Initial Response Time - Customers benefit from a guaranteed maximum time when a support engineer responds to an issue.  A response means that JumpMind will contact the Customer to (i) acknowledge the issue report, and (ii) gather more information in order to assist with problem resolution.
  • Priority 1 Response Time - Depending on the level of support, a Priority 1 level escalates the issue with the support team and guarantees a maximum time within which a support engineer responds to the issue.

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