• JumpMind : The Pi in the Sky

    We were talking about Pi Day here at the JumpMind office which led us to reflect a bit on our roots. From the beginning, the SymmetricDS default port number has been 31415. Reflecting on that, we realized that most people might not know the history of JumpMind and SymmetricDS.

  • SymmetricDS Pro Roadshow

    We have been on the road the last couple of weeks for the start of our SymmetricDS Pro "Roadshow". About a month ago in a planning session, we were thinking about the next big step for JumpMind. We knew we had a great product, a top notch services team to design and implement synchronization solutions, and great support and infrastructure in place to support these solutions, but we came to the conclusion that our sales and marketing efforts could be better.

  • SymmetricDS Pro, 3.0 and More

    Wanted to write a quick note to let folks know what's been happening at JumpMind over the last several months.