Our own growth depends on mutually beneficial relationships with our partner community. We carefully choose our business partners to build a long-term relationship, based on their market expertise and commitment to providing value to customers. We are committed to enabling our partners with the resources they need to develop and sell solutions.


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Our technology partners are companies whose technologies are complementary to JumpMind product lines. We work with partners to ensure compatibility with their technology and make integration with our software as easy as possible.

SymmetricDS and Metl integrate with Amazon Web Services (AWS), running on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) servers and accessing databases in the Relational Database Service (RDS). SymmetricDS supports Amazon Aurora, a high performance relational database built for the cloud, and Amazon Redshift, a fast and simple petabyte-scale data warehouse service.

SymmetricDS and Metl deploy to Microsoft Azure to provide database integration within the cloud and between the cloud and on-premise systems. SymmetricDS is compatible with SQL-Server Azure edition.

Raima provides cross-platform, small footprint, high-performance database software. Raima Database Manager (RDM) can run standalone or linked into an application to run on small embedded systems and IoT devices. JumpMind and Raima work together to ensure compatibility of SymmetricDS and RDM for a change data capture solution.

NuoDB is an elastic SQL database with a distributed architecture that is highly scalable and suited for cloud deployment. It uses a tiered approach with peer-to-peer messaging between nodes to avoid bottlenecks and scale data predictably. JumpMind and NuoDB work together to ensure compatibility of SymmetricDS and NuoDB database for a change data capture solution.

VoltDB is an in-memory translytical database for modern applications that require the ability to manage data at unprecedented scale and volume. Used across telecommunication, financial services, ad technology, gaming, and IoT industries, VoltDB is used where large volumes and millisecond response for data is required. JumpMind and VoltDB work together to ensure compatibility of SymmetricDS and VoltDB database for a change data capture solution.

TmaxSoft is a middleware solution provider specializing in enterprise software. TmaxSoft provides Tibero Database, a relational database that is highly compatible with Oracle, and Tibero Active Cluster, a shared disk-based cluster similar to Orace RAC. JumpMind and TmaxSoft work together to ensure compatibility of SymmetricDS and Tibero database for a change data capture solution.

Aila Technologies provides ultra-intuitive customer-facing kiosks, best-in-class mobile handheld scanners, and cutting edge vision-based scanning software that brings enterprise-grade data capture to iOS-based devices. With thousands of deployments across retail, healthcare, grocery and more— Aila enables seamless experiences without the cost of bulk of legacy systems.

Software Vendor

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Our software partners are Independent Software Vendors (ISV) who package our software into their functional application to provide an integrated solution to customers. Some use cases include sharing data across multiple locations, enabling cloud services, off-loading reporting, and providing disaster recovery.

LexisNexis provides computer-assisted legal research, legal business software, and risk management services. LexisNexis embeds SymmetricDS in their practice management software to enable synchronization to the cloud for mobile integration.

Picsolve is the leading image capture company for the entertainment industry, with over 500 installations across the globe at amusement parks, retail stores, and entertainment events. Picsolve uses SymmetricDS to share photos and videos across multiple access points that are synced in near real time.

Tangoe’s telecom expense management (TEM) software product includes expense management, budgeting, call accounting, billing, ordering, and fulfillment for the entire fixed and mobile environment of an enterprise. SymmetricDS is an embedded service for running TEM securely across different companies who outsource the fulfillment of orders.

Radixx provides Passenger Services System (PSS) software to more than thirty airlines on five continents. The Radixx Air system covers multiple functional areas of business, including sales, distribution, A/R, CRM, and departure control. SymmetricDS is deployed to sync real time data to the airline for data analytics, enabling timely reports on sales and operation.

Clinical Ink provides a cloud-based data capture platform for the clinical trials market. SymmetricDS is used to synchronize study data and documents with all the mobile tablets at a location, as well as syncing with central servers in the cloud.

HealthRAD provides software and solutions to the medical industry to enhance patient care. The HIMS RIS software manages patient record keeping, scheduling, radiology image orders, billing, claims, and voice dictation. SymmetricDS syncs multiple office locations together so doctors, receptionists, and administrators have fast local access to the system.

Value Added Reseller

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Our Value Added Resellers (VAR) are resellers, service providers, and system integrators who supplement our software to provide a turn-key solution within a project. We work with solution providers to offer enterprise software that is the right fit for their customer’s needs.

Columbus Consulting partners with our clients to provide superior, experienced and relevant consumer centric consulting services that successfully deliver solutions, and contribute to our client’s achievement of their strategic goals. Founded in 2001, our expertise bridges functional & organization silos through Business Strategy and Transformation Initiatives across Unified Commerce, Planning & Merchandising, Sourcing & Supply, Inventory Management, Finance & Operations, Data & Analytics.

COMPAREX is a global IT provider specialized in license management, software procurement, and technical product consulting. With a track record spanning thirty years, COMPAREX serves public-sector bodies as well as SMEs, industrial companies, and large international corporations. The COMPAREX Group employs more than 2,000 people in 31 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

SHI is one of the largest providers of IT solutions in North America with 35+ offices in the United States, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.
From software and hardware procurement to deployment planning, configuration, data center optimization, IT asset management and cloud computing, SHI offers custom IT solutions for every aspect of your environment.

SoftwareONE AG is a global software reseller and solution provider doing business in over 80 countries, with a focus on software and software solutions. SoftwareONE AG is redefining the technology solutions landscape as the thought leaders in Software Portfolio Management (SPM) services, which ensures the entire lifecycle of an organization’s IT investments are strategically roadmapped by reconciling existing legacy systems against future technology needs.

XTIVIA works with SymmetricDS solutions on application development, data integration, data management, and database support projects.
Since 1992, XTIVIA has established a proven national reputation as a company that delivers leading edge professional solutions to clients’ specific requirements. These engagements are comprised of full life cycle projects, including turnkey solutions, consulting services, staffing, remote support services, architecture reviews, and the re-engineering of environments and applications.