Chris Henson

Chris, the original founder of JumpMind, has been a software developer since the mid 1990's and has developed and architected systems for the defense, aviation, and retail industries. He is a productive consumer, active participant, and dedicated producer of open source solutions. Chris has also led SymmetricDS and POS implementations at both the national and international level.

While revving up for a busy and exciting 2016, we thought it would be a good time to look back at JumpMind’s accomplishments in 2015.

It has been a busy year! Our first priority is always supporting our existing customers. In 2015 we continued to provide the high level of support our customers deserve. We've been on the other end of bad support calls, and we never want our customers to experience that with us. The product development team continues to be actively engaged in supporting SymmetricDS so when you ask a question, you get an answer you know you can trust.

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SymmetricDS can be used to replicate Firebird databases to the cloud for Disaster Recovery. Setup is fairly straightforward. Select the tables you want to sync and the direction you want to sync them and, voilà, you have a backup database. While this is all well and good, if the database relies on id generators for primary key generation, then when failing over to the slave database you will probably end up with generators that no longer reflect the next value to insert.

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When integrating data from one database to another, sometimes the schemas are not the same. JumpMind has come across a number of projects where there was a need to transform a very denormalized database into more of a canonical or normal form.

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Having just returned from the National Retail Foundation's “Big Show” in New York City (where we also rooted on our hometown football team in the national championship game!), I thought it might be a good time to reflect on SymmetricDS's roots in retail.

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JumpMind is excited to announce the release of 3.6. It has been almost a year since our last feature release and we are excited to be moving forward again. 3.5 had many patch releases over the last year that included important bug fixes and general improvements. With 3.6 we have focused on enhancing the SymmetricDS Pro experience and have continued to add features to the core open source SymmetricDS engine. The following outlines some of the more prominent features in 3.6.

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The SymmetricDS data synchronization engine is open source software. You can have all the data synchronization functionality you want or need for free. Why would anyone buy it? Well, here is our “David Letterman” style top ten list of reasons.

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SymmetricDS now has its web-enabled, fault-tolerant, database synchronization software available on the Android mobile computing platform. The Android client follows all of the same concepts and brings to Android all of the same core SymmetricDS features as the full-featured, Java-based SymmetricDS client. The client is designed to be referenced as a library to run in-process with an Android application requiring synchronization for its SQLite database.

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