Eric Long

Eric is a software developer and technology enthusiast with a background in developing custom applications for Information Technology. As a long-time Linux user, he strongly believes in open source. He focuses on product solutions and spreading the word for JumpMind.

Both Oracle Advanced Replication and SymmetricDS provide database replication, which is a valuable tool for improving access to critical data that drives a business. While some common replication concepts are used across both products, there are some differences in terminology and configuration. Let's take a look at some of the scenarios for database replication and how both products accomplish them.

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Let's sync data to the cloud with Amazon Redshift and SymmetricDS Pro. I'll take you through the steps to launch a cluster, sync data to it, and enable S3 for fast bulk loading.

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The food and service industry can benefit from real time data synchronization, and we're headed to the National Restaurant Association conference in Chicago to prove it. Everyone from chain owners to independents to distributors will gain from advanced data integration and synchronization. Let's look at some of the advantages it brings to business.

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Join JumpMind at NRF and discover real-time data integration for retail with SymmetricDS. So much data is available in retail that can be made into actionable information. Retailers have access to pricing performance, loyalty activity, and shopping behavior of their customers. Using real time data integration gives retailers immediate feedback to make better decisions and offer new kinds of competitive services to shoppers.

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A change data capture system like SymmetricDS will extract changes from the source and apply them at the target database. With logical replication, the user can conditionally sync data and create subsets to sync. But what if you want to hold back changes until a condition is met, then sync the change, plus all its dependent data? With some clever usage of features available in SymmetricDS 3.5, I'll show you how.

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JumpMind will be promoting SymmetricDS at the Oracle OpenWorld 2013 conference in San Francisco from Sep 23rd through 26th. Come visit us at booth #3418 in the exhibition hall! We're looking forward to learning, networking, and engaging with everyone. Here are some reasons we're attending -- and we think you should too.

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The professional edition of SymmetricDS 3.5 will be released soon, and it includes some great new features and improvements, including file synchronization, Sybase database support, and user interface enhancements.

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