SymmetricDS now has its web-enabled, fault-tolerant, database synchronization software available on the Android mobile computing platform. The Android client follows all of the same concepts and brings to Android all of the same core SymmetricDS features as the full-featured, Java-based SymmetricDS client. The client is designed to be referenced as a library to run in-process with an Android application requiring synchronization for its SQLite database.

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We have been on the road the last couple of weeks for the start of our SymmetricDS Pro "Roadshow". About a month ago in a planning session, we were thinking about the next big step for JumpMind. We knew we had a great product, a top notch services team to design and implement synchronization solutions, and great support and infrastructure in place to support these solutions, but we came to the conclusion that our sales and marketing efforts could be better.

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Quickly select and dynamically add tables to database synchronization using wildcard characters. This powerful feature can save time during configuration and even eliminate the need to make changes to configuration in the future. Since data capture triggers can be created from a schedule or on-demand programmatically, wildcard characters open up the possibility of new applications, such as using SymmetricDS database replication in Platform As A Service (PaaS) where new tables created by a client are automatically replicated between high availability servers. This article will demonstrate using wildcard characters to sync some tables while ignoring others.

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Detecting and resolving data conflicts is easy with SymmetricDS Pro 3.0. I'll show you how to detect and fix conflicts manually, then we'll setup a resolver so the newest update wins automatically. The web console with SymmetricDS Pro makes all of this easy to accomplish.

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The Professional version of SymmetricDS 2.5 was released and includes some exciting new features. If you're not familiar with SymmetricDS, it's software for database replication that can capture data changes and keep many remote databases in sync. We try to support every database we can (12 platforms supported now), but let us know if you have a need for your database to be included. Now, let's talk about what's new and improved with SymmetricDS Pro 2.5!

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SymmetricDS has for years been a robust, reliable solution for synchronizing data between multiple databases and multiple database platforms. With SymmetricDS 2.4, SymmetricDS has expanded to also prove data transformation capabilities while synchronizing. The data transformation is performed via configuration settings in new SymmetricDS configuration tables, in a manner consistent with and familiar to existing SymmetricDS users.

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The open source SymmetricDS 2.4.0 database replication engine is released for general use by the community. While this is a minor revision, it delivers some cool new features!

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