Anyone who has been on a night time support rotation can relate to the 3 AM phone call that gets you groggily out of bed, has you fixing some simple, but important problem, and then leaves you staring at the ceiling by 4 AM wondering if you should just go into work, because you know you aren't getting back to sleep. All of the engineers in our office have been there, done that, and didn't like it very much. That's one of the reasons we focus so much on resilient operations for SymmetricDS including our "Hands Off" Recovery of data synchronization. "Hands Off" recovery is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. SymmetricDS has been built from the ground up to recover and keep databases in sync without manual intervention any time it possibly can.

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At JumpMind we provide support services for a wide variety of customers across many industries. We enjoy working with our customers, learning about their synchronization scenarios, and answering any questions they may have. In all of our interactions, we've found that some customers have a real knack for making it easy to help them, while it's not as intuitive to others. In that spirit, here's JumpMind's top 3 ways to help us help you.

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We were talking about Pi Day here at the JumpMind office which led us to reflect a bit on our roots. From the beginning, the SymmetricDS default port number has been 31415. Reflecting on that, we realized that most people might not know the history of JumpMind and SymmetricDS.

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When integrating data from one database to another, sometimes the schemas are not the same. JumpMind has come across a number of projects where there was a need to transform a very denormalized database into more of a canonical or normal form.

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Evaluating a new software product can be quite a challenge with so many products on the market and limited time and resources during the evaluation process. Through this blog I hope to present to you a quick overview of the fundamental building blocks of SymmetricDS in order to get your evaluation off on the right track.

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Over the last several years, we've designed, implemented, tested and supported hundreds of synchronization scenarios. We've recently updated our design document templates that we use to get projects started the right way.

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Having just returned from the National Retail Foundation's “Big Show” in New York City (where we also rooted on our hometown football team in the national championship game!), I thought it might be a good time to reflect on SymmetricDS's roots in retail.

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