Josh Hicks

Josh has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years as a developer, tech lead, and architect. He has worked across a variety of businesses including retail, telecommunications, education, and healthcare. When he is not developing he enjoys whatever sporting event might be taking place.

SymmetricDS has been designed around the user upon numerous feature requests from our clients and the open source community. As a result there are a lot of different factors that play a role in how to use it within your project. At a higher level though here are some of the best practices we find should be considered for nearly all implementations.

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Data replication not only involves replicating changes moving forward but also the ability to load existing data between systems prior to replication being put in place.  Data loading was enhanced in SymmetricDS 3.8 to bring together all the features around this process into a new data load wizard.

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JumpMind is excited to announce the release of 3.8. This release was primarily focused on performance based changes. Through the process of profiling the code base and addressing a lot of the pain points in the community, we were able to address some key performance improvements.

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In addition to replicating data changes from source to target you may also wish to populate a table on the target to monitor all events.  In this blog I will show you how to create a simple load filter that will record all changes captured by SymmetricDS into a simple audit table.  

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This was JumpMind's first time attending the Stir Trek conference held in Columbus, OH. The conference had a reputation of selling out quickly and established itself as a well known developer conference right here in the midwest. The one day event is also unique compared to other conferences that makes it much more available to developers with such busy schedules. The Avengers theme also contributed to several costumes surfacing in the crowd, including a full replica, Captain America. The precursor to the conference consisted of a game night followed up with a finale event of the new movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron to all that attended.

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All SymmetricDS synchronization configurations require database connectivity. As a result questions often arise around the topic of database permissions. Specifically what permissions are required for the SymmetricDS user and do the SymmetricDS tables need to run in the same catalog or schema as the tables to be synchronized.

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Evaluating a new software product can be quite a challenge with so many products on the market and limited time and resources during the evaluation process. Through this blog I hope to present to you a quick overview of the fundamental building blocks of SymmetricDS in order to get your evaluation off on the right track.

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