As a result we thought what a great way to promote a software product by interacting with such a large number of talented developers right in our backyard. Coming off our first CodeMash experience just a few months prior, we had high expectations for the conference and it did not let us down. We were impressed with the diversity and skill levels present in the developers we spoke to. The rewarding part was the interest many of them showed in SymmetricDS and working with it at some point in the future. This further justified some of our deeper company goals to provide solutions that not only benefit larger enterprises but also the developers that make up so many of these organizations.

In addition to running the booth we were also able to break away at times and sit through some sessions. What a concept to hold the sessions within a movie theatre, well done Stir Trek coordinators! The sessions we attended were quite full but still provided a comfortable and spacious atmosphere to see and hear the presenters clearly. Two of of the sessions we sat through we hope will have immediate impact within on our company. First was the session on responsive web design, by Benjamin Bykowski. We are currently in the process of optimizing our own corporate site to accomodate all the response design changes hitting the market ("Mobilegeddon", Google mobile-friendly searches). Second was a session on Swift by Brent Schooley, as we hope to continue to explore the options of SymmetricDS on the IOS platform. These were just a few of the great sessions this conference had to offer and we look forward to next years venue.

So for those of you we might have talked to, we thank you for stopping by and look forward to helping you with you data synchronization solutions in the near future. For all of those that could not attend we recommend you mark your calendars for the 2016 event.

Josh Hicks
Author: Josh Hicks

Josh has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years as a developer, tech lead, and architect. He has worked across a variety of businesses including retail, telecommunications, education, and healthcare. When he is not developing he enjoys whatever sporting event might be taking place.