JumpMind, a leading retail commerce provider, announces the availability of JumpMind Commerce 3.0 with in store experiences including traditional POS, mobile POS, self-checkout, customer display, BYOD, and POS on the Go. This release extends the core platform’s omnichannel functionality including new ship from store capabilities along with advanced in-store pick management. Additionally, JumpMind Commerce 3.0 expands on the Customer Functionality with new capabilities for supporting subscriptions.

Petco partnered with JumpMind, a products and services company that shared Petco’s vision of an evolutionary approach leading to a comprehensive and cohesive solution. JumpMind’s in-depth knowledge and experience with integration and synchronization toolsets, coupled with the company’s architectural approach to commerce and POS through microservices and headless commerce was a good fit – and a great partnership was born.

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