Jumpmind, a leading retail commerce provider, announces the availability of Jumpmind Commerce 4.0 with in-store experiences including traditional point of sale (POS), mobile POS, self-checkout, customer display, BYOD, and POS on the Go. Jumpmind Commerce 4.0 reimagines POS product lookup with an e-Commerce-like experience and extended payment integrations. Additionally, Jumpmind continues to build out functionality for rapid software deployments to the stores.  

JumpMind, an enterprise software company for retail commerce and data replication, is pleased to announce the promotion of Joe Corbin to President and Chief Executive Officer. Corbin will replace current President and CEO Greg Wilmer, who will retire in March of 2023. Corbin will guide the organization in its mission to enable our customer’s success by providing well-architected solutions and world-class services and support. The core tenants of JumpMind are a focus on their customers, ensuring their solutions provide value, and innovating rapidly to help their customers meet consumer and business demands. 

JumpMind, a leading retail commerce provider, announces the availability of JumpMind Commerce 3.0 with in store experiences including traditional POS, mobile POS, self-checkout, customer display, BYOD, and POS on the Go. This release extends the core platform’s omnichannel functionality including new ship from store capabilities along with advanced in-store pick management. Additionally, JumpMind Commerce 3.0 expands on the Customer Functionality with new capabilities for supporting subscriptions.

Petco partnered with JumpMind, a products and services company that shared Petco’s vision of an evolutionary approach leading to a comprehensive and cohesive solution. JumpMind’s in-depth knowledge and experience with integration and synchronization toolsets, coupled with the company’s architectural approach to commerce and POS through microservices and headless commerce was a good fit – and a great partnership was born.

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