Columbus, Ohio – January 18, 2022 – JumpMind, a leading retail commerce provider, announces the availability of JumpMind Commerce 3.0 with in-store experiences including traditional POS, mobile POS, self-checkout, customer display, BYOD, and POS on the Go. This release extends the core platform’s omnichannel functionality including new ship from store capabilities along with advanced in-store pick management. Additionally, JumpMind Commerce 3.0 expands on the Customer Functionality with new capabilities for supporting subscriptions.

Retailers can now leverage one user experience in store for all omnichannel orders, including buy online pickup in-store, curbside, same-day delivery, and ship from store. The associate has the ability to accept or reject orders, pick items, and pack them into one or multiple boxes. The complexity involved in all of the omnichannel journeys that a retailer provides can make an associate’s day-to-day tasks difficult to complete. With JumpMind Commerce, an associate can leverage one device with a single UX for all sales, returns, endless aisle orders, and order fulfillment. This user experience is completely responsive and agnostic to device size or operating system.

With advanced in-store picking functionality, JumpMind Commerce provides capabilities for an associate to group orders to pick based on location, priority, or order type. As the number of omnichannel journeys has expanded, the need for granularity in pick operations along with efficiency is paramount. "Stores are becoming mini distribution centers, where associates are tasked with managing multiple pickup and delivery order types with varying SLAs. Our goal is to simplify that experience for the associates and help retailers to see efficiency gains in their omnichannel operations," said Joe Corbin, VP Sales & Marketing at JumpMind. 

JumpMind Commerce expands on its customer functionality to add in subscriptions. A customer can purchase a new subscription or manage an existing one. Many retailers are beginning to offer these types of services, whether it's a veterinary care package, a wine club, or recurring consumable items. Traditionally these programs have been eCommerce only, with JumpMind Commerce 3.0, a retailer can also provide this to their in-store customers. "Customers expect to have their store experience tailored to them, with our new subscription service capabilities, a retailer can further blur the lines between the digital and physical storefronts,” said Chris Henson, CTO at JumpMind.

JumpMind is an enterprise software company specializing in retail commerce, data integration, and data synchronization software. Our mission has been to build software that is creative, practical, and easy to use. We embrace the latest technologies to enable retailers to have an architecture that is built for the future, with the agility commerce demands. We strive to build great products and provide exceptional service to our customers. JumpMind Commerce is our industry-leading, microservices commerce platform with a responsive web user experience for in-store POS, mobile POS, Scan and Go, Self-Checkout, and POS on the Go. 

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