Columbus, Ohio - November 1, 2022 - Jumpmind, a leading retail commerce provider, announces the availability of Jumpmind Commerce 4.0 with in-store experiences including traditional point of sale (POS), mobile POS, self-checkout, customer display, BYOD, and POS on the Go. Jumpmind Commerce 4.0 reimagines POS product lookup with an e-Commerce-like experience and extended payment integrations. Additionally, Jumpmind continues to build out functionality for rapid software deployments to the stores.  

Retailers can now browse the item catalog with all the functionality they expect from e-commerce. Associates begin the experience by navigating a graphical catalog hierarchy and using a full array of item attributes to filter items with improved text searching. Full item copy is available in the POS to better support the customer's decision journey. "Today's customer expects a seamless experience between shopping channels. The store associate should have all the product information available at their fingertips to inform the customer's decision-making process instead of leaving it up to the customer to check their own phone for details," said Joe Corbin, President and CEO at Jumpmind. 

Jumpmind Commerce 4.0 expands the product's built-in payment integrations. Jumpmind added core support for Synchrony, a leading provider of private label credit cards, as well as Fipay support for Mexico and gift cards internationally. Jumpmind partnered with Pockyt to support QR code-based payments such as PayPal, Venmo, Alipay, and more. As an incentive to shop again, the platform now offers built-in support for bounce-back coupons.

Jumpmind is always working to extend the flexibility of deployment options available to retailers. Commerce 4.0 adds support for auto-deploy, which allows for quick, incremental updates to software installed in the store. The software now auto-detects its configuration server to accomplish out-of-the-box, unattended installations. "Rapid, stable POS deployments are one of the main asks we are hearing from our customers and we are responding with features such as automated, cloud-based deployments," said Chris Henson, CTO at Jumpmind.

Jumpmind is an enterprise software company specializing in retail commerce, data integration, and data synchronization software. Our mission has been to build software that is creative, practical, and easy to use. We embrace the latest technologies to enable retailers to have an architecture that is built for the future, with the agility that commerce demands. We strive to build great products and provide exceptional service to our customers. Jumpmind Commerce is our industry-leading, microservices commerce platform with a responsive web user experience for in-store POS, mobile POS, Scan and Go, Self-Checkout, and POS on the Go. 

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