Community Driven, Commercially Backed

At JumpMind, we believe that open source makes better software through collaboration, feedback, and continuous improvement. When a community gathers around a shared challenge, the diversity of ideas naturally creates a better solution than if a single organization had provided one. The variety of use cases finds bugs more rapidly than traditional methods, and it causes the software to be more modular, flexible, and interoperable. Open source amplifies feedback of users and gives them a direct line to the developers in a cycle of continuous improvement.

  • Cross platform database replication
  • Synchronize data across servers, mobile devices, and the cloud
  • Scale from 2 to 50,000+ databases
  • Automatic recovery from errors
  • Open core, GPLv3

  • Light weight, web based integration platform
  • Configure integrations with graphical drag and drop components
  • Extend with custom integration components
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Open source, GPLv3

How to Get Involved


  • Submit a how-to article
  • Share a use case on your blog
  • Talk to us on social media


  • Help others with their issues
  • Discuss ideas on the forums
  • Post comments on articles


  • Submit a bug report
  • Request a new feature
  • Add your support to an issue


  • Download source code
  • Send a pull request or patch
  • Share a code extension on gist


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