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Company Overview

JumpMind is an open source software company specializing in data replication and integration software for the enterprise. Our mission is to build software that is creative, practical, and easy to use. We provide consulting, development services, training, and support for our products.

Our company embraces a model where development and technology is done in the open. Our collaboration with a worldwide community helps us make better software faster. We work in a fast-paced and exciting environment that is true to our entrepreneurial roots.

We strive to build great products and provide exceptional service to our customers. SymmetricDS, our premier software, is a leading data replication product that supports most major database platforms and is used in production around the world. The open source project has contributors from across industries around the world and ranks in the top 500 on SourceForge.

Our Values


We communicate openly, honestly, and frequently to encourage collaboration. Our development process is open source and community driven. We use open, standards-based technology for interoperability. There are no secrets, no surprises, and no lock-in.


We use the latest technologies to create modern software. We think through problems and seek out solutions that are adaptable to future change. We take complex problems and break them into something simpler and approachable. We're bored with the traditional bloat of enterprise software so we've created a simpler solution that is optimized for people who get things done.


Our people are creative and have a passion for quality software and personal service. We think software code is beautiful and we're proud to share it. We are flexible and entrepreneurial. We adjust and respond quickly to our customers. We focus on customer relationships by exceeding expectations with everything we do.


We like to have fun while working hard. We think our people are more effective when they do a good job and have fun at the same time. Enthusiasm and positive attitude help to motivate us, keep our minds sharp, and reduce stress. We are committed to achieving greater success with an environment that is interesting, enjoyable, and fun.

Why JumpMind

Fast Payback
Our software is easy to deploy: customers go live within weeks, not months or years. It can scale from a few servers to 100,000 global servers, and deliver fast payback. We've made it easy to install, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot. People in the trenches -- developers, system administrators, database administrators, and support staff -- can get the hard part of their jobs done quicker and easier. We've built a better data integration solution that is flexible and recovers from conflicts and intermittent problems.
Eliminate Barriers
Synchronize data everywhere you need it and eliminate the barriers between heterogeneous systems. From large computing environments to small devices, we'll take you there, and make efficient use of the resources you have. Interoperate between all your databases, operating systems, and mobile devices. We break down the lock-in created by other vendors. Right-size your application design with a powerful database cluster at central office and smaller, cost effective databases in the field.
Zero Degrees of Separation
We sell software to the people who actually use it, not just the ones buying it. We're an enterprise software company that goes out of our way to give live demonstrations of the software. Our support engineers are the same people who help develop and maintain the software. You have quick and direct access to the experts who built the software and know it inside and out. Our features list comes directly from feedback provided by people using our software, not a list of buzz words, promises, or features that are never used.

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