Easily configure data to integrate between disparate systems.

Metl is the solution for data experts to quickly configure integration across disparate systems and vendors with our lightweight, web-based solution. Reduce development time with the powerhouse of data integration.

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Data Solutions

Data integration software that is truly limitless.

Metl is built on a strong yet flexible foundation to manage data at scale. Filter, transform, configure, and integrate data to solve any challenge that comes your way.

Benefits for Data Experts

Deploy data solutions that actually make a meaningful impact.

We provide fast, reliable, and secure data solutions that will spur transformation across your organization.

Proven in Production.

Metl is proven in small departmental integration scenarios as well as large enterprise ones.

Lightweight and web-based.

There is no heavy infrastructure to install, simply download and run. Metl is 100% web-based so it’s perfect for deployment in your data center or in the cloud.

Open and Extensible.

Metl is open source. No vendor lock in, no black box where you can’t see what’s going on.  It’s also completely extensible.  If you have specialized needs, simply write your own component and snap it in.

We partner with brands that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

We’d have other vendors that we worked with who provided a solution, but it was a black box. And they became the bottleneck when we needed to move fast, and then we couldn’t really meet our business needs. But with Jumpmind, you could really control your own destiny by working with them.

Data Integration Use Cases

Explore all the ways your organization can leverage Jumpmind’s data integration solutions.

Master Data Management

Changes propagate across the entire system, allowing you to maintain a centralized view on all parts of your core business entities.

Application Integration

Reduce dependencies, complexity, and risk to build a high-performance, data-driven application.

Web Services

Integrate multiple systems using web services or build a business application using a service-oriented architecture.

Data Warehouse

Integrate disparate data from multiple systems so you can transform data for better business intelligence and reporting.

Data Migration

Conduct live data migration during critical server replacements, storage upgrades, and data center relocations—with no downtime.

Our Services

See how we can work together.

Our partnership model is as flexible as our software. Explore our capabilities and how we can best collaborate with your team.


We work with you to align on installation, configuration, and product functionality. Whether your team wants to integrate with ours, or offload the full scope of work to our experts, we’ll find a partnership dynamic that works best for you.

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We dig deep to tailor solutions to your business. Our team can help yours modify, enhance, and extend our products for a custom solution.

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We offer upgradeable levels of support—because whether it’s Black Friday, or just any Friday, we’ll be here when you need us.

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We create custom training packages complete with hands-on instruction, learning resources, and training modules to show you the full potential of our software.

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Proof of Concept

Our experts collaborate with your team to define requirements and build a working solution to test and validate your specific use case.

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