Build stronger customer relationships at every touchpoint.

Whether your customers are window shopping or scrolling, Jumpmind helps you build engaging customer experiences that drive brand loyalty.

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Retail Solutions

Don’t let outdated retail software hold your business back.

Jumpmind offers a complete retail solution that’s flexible and scalable, so your software is built around your business—not the other way around.

Benefits for Retailers

Retail software for real-time needs.

In today’s always-on retail landscape, you need to reach customers quickly while maintaining brand consistency. The Jumpmind suite of tools does both while making end-to-end experiences seamless.

Keep pace with today’s trends and capture tomorrow’s opportunities.

Trends & Opportunities

From customer loyalty programs and promotions to online ordering and traditional POS, Jumpmind unlocks new opportunities to build customer relationships by creating a cohesive experience in stores, online, and on-the-go.

Adapt quickly to changing customer behaviors and business demands.


Our software is built to be versatile, configurable, and cloud-native. Jumpmind delivers features you need to meet retail’s biggest challenges in a way that’s intuitive for your employees and your customers.

Streamline operations across your enterprise to grow more efficiently.

Streamline Operations

The Jumpmind suite of tools consolidates processes, streamlines data, and spurs collaboration across departments to help you scale your business.

We partner with brands that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

American Eagle

Products for Retail

Jumpmind builds solutions for modern retailers.

Jumpmind Commerce

Bring more power to your point of sale. Our cloud-based enterprise retail platform enables a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Jumpmind Promote

We provide a single hub for all promotions campaigns, which consolidates data, simplifies workflows, and maximizes effectiveness.

Retail Use Cases

Explore all the ways your organization can leverage Jumpmind’s retail solutions.

Omnichannel Experience

Bridge the gap between digital and traditional sales with a platform made for seamless customer experiences. Transact and fulfill customer purchases from anywhere with endless aisle capabilities, orders and returns, and more.


Get the inside scoop on who your customers are and what they care most about, so that you can deliver experiences that continuously strengthen their bond to your brand.


Free up your team to focus more on high-quality customer service by enabling self-checkout lanes to handle customer transactions.

Mobile Store

Leverage the full suite of POS tools from any device—iOS, Android, and everything in between. Mobile-ready and flexible software means you don’t need traditional systems to keep your business running.

POS on the Go

Extend your brand and meet customers at pop-ups, sidewalk sales, and conferences with an all-in-one mobile POS that allows stays in sync with your store systems on the fly.

Unified Promotions

Consolidate your promotion engine into a single hub where your entire team can author, execute, and edit running campaigns in real-time.

“As we continue innovating and optimizing Petco’s systems to deliver a positive experience to customers and employees alike, we’re looking forward to working alongside Jumpmind, whose strong partnership has been critical to our success.”

Case Study
Case Study
Petco Offers Seamless Omnichannel Experience with Jumpmind Commerce at POS

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