POS software built for the rapidly changing retail landscape.

Jumpmind Commerce is an API-driven and cloud-based omnichannel platform designed to flex and scale with your business—so you can evolve as fast as today’s consumers demand.

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One-platform solution

Jumpmind Commerce is made for POS and beyond.

Our one-stop platform has all the tools and flexibility your business needs and your customers desire. All your business and consumer data is securely shared across every touchpoint—from omnichannel sales and promotions to customer loyalty and taxation.

Andy Laudato, COO

“The Vitamin Shoppe is committed to a customer experience that delivers the highest levels of quality, innovation, and expertise across our products and services. Jumpmind gives us the flexibility to deploy its highly intuitive user interface on both our existing traditional fixed till and mobile POS, for a seamless and exceptional checkout experience for both our valued customers and Health Enthusiast® associates.”

Tom Anderson, CEO

We are thrilled to partner with Jumpmind on this crucial technology transformation. Their cloud-native, mobile POS solution aligns perfectly with our vision to deliver a great store associate experience. We believe that by equipping our associates with powerful tools and streamlining their daily tasks, we will be able to elevate the customer experience and meet the evolving needs of our shoppers.”
The Paper Store Storefront

Michael Strachan, President, PENN. and RW&CO

“We are embarking on a journey to transform our in-store experience to support a superior shopping journey for our valued customers, and to enhance the employee experience, forging our future success. With its innovative approach to retail technology and modern cloud foundation that we can build upon, easily adding more flexibility and complimentary solutions into our stores, Jumpmind is the ideal partner to bring an exciting next-gen in-store experience.”

Susan Eshleman, SVP of Product Management & Technology Strategy

“AEO is a customer-first company and every decision we make is centered around delivering exceptional products, services, and experiences. Our partnership with Jumpmind offers our American Eagle and Aerie stores the flexibility of both a traditional and mobile POS, which provides an intuitive interface for a seamless checkout experience. Jumpmind’s commitment to service and the development of flexible solutions to meet each of our store’s unique needs has been integral in the successful launch of this important customer touchpoint.”

John Zavada, Chief Information & Administrative Officer

“We’re making it easy for pet parents to care for the health and wellness of their pets through a seamless omnichannel Petco experience that tailors to their needs and meets them where they are thanks to Jumpmind.” 

Jumpmind Commerce

Creativity unlocked. All on one platform.

Our modern POS is dynamic and customizable. See the Commerce difference.

Web-based and responsive. Made flexible for the modern age.

Web-based and Responsive

From tablet to kiosk and everything in-between, Commerce is there alongside your entire suite of modern business tools. With everything living on the web, you can work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Built with microservice architecture. The next big thing.


Microservices are encapsulated and reusable, allowing retailers to effortlessly create custom experiences as deep or granular as needed. Teams can combine services in limitless configurations with remarkable flexibility to create solutions as unique as your audiences are.

Synchronized across every touchpoint, to move as fast as your business does.


Our approach to data security and transmission means you can rest assured knowing that every part of your business is working in harmony with each other. Even better, customers get consistent experiences with your brand, no matter how they interact.

Better software experience

Say goodbye to traditional POS systems and hello to enterprise retail software.

Don’t let legacy systems hold your business back. Jumpmind Commerce replaces the old-school one-size-fits-all POS with a nimble system that solves the challenges at hand by leveraging independently-deployable microservices.

Streamlining and expediting customer journeys—in store, behind the scenes, and everywhere in between.

For Store Associates

Whether they need to fulfill a web order for pickup or delivery, or create a brand new store order for the customer, Jumpmind Commerces helps associates simplify workflows all within the same easy-to-use POS interface.

For Engineers

Leverage the foundational framework of Jumpmind Commerce’s microservices architecture to build exactly what your business needs. You gain the freedom to create robust, modular services that are reusable across every touchpoint while maintaining complete control of your infrastructure.

For Managers

Jumpmind Commerce is designed to grow with you. The Jumpmind Commerce platform performs at scale, saves on costs, and reduces engineering effort, putting you ahead of your competitors in the race to win customer business.

For Customers

With Jumpmind Commerce, every touchpoint with your brand delivers the same exceptional experience. Adopting a modern approach to how customers engage in commerce will benefit your business immediately and scale to meet future consumer needs.

“Our partnership with Jumpmind offers our American Eagle and Aerie stores the flexibility of both a traditional and mobile POS, which provides an intuitive interface for a seamless checkout experience. Jumpmind’s commitment to service and the development of flexible solutions to meet each of our store’s unique needs has been integral in the successful launch of this important customer touchpoint.”

Press Release
Press Release

Jumpmind Partners with American Eagle Outfitters to Launch POS of the Future

Full POS Functionality

Jumpmind Commerce is a full Point of Sale solution that offers complete sale capabilities including support for:

  • Mixed basket sales
  • Measured items
  • Product options such as item sizing and color
  • Gift cards
  • Split tendering
  • Customizable receipt options
  • And more

Plus, Mobile POS provides full functionality on mobile devices, regardless of form factor or operating system.

Cloud-Native Solution

Our services are deployable to the cloud—any cloud. They can be deployed across multiple types of cloud technologies or even be split between on-premise and cloud storage.

Full Offline Support

Our architecture also enables full offline support in-store with multiple different deployment strategies to provide you with the best options for your different store formats.

Promotions Engine

Jumpmind Commerce’s promotions engine can handle:

  • Complex promotions campaigns
  • Manufacturer coupons
  • Manual discounts
  • Price overrides

With configurable promotion types and stackability rules, plus near-miss promotion identification and built-in best deal algorithm, so you can be sure you’re maximizing promotional sales.

Commerce Central

With a centralized view into the health of your store estate, Commerce Central enables IT and business users to manage the configuration of their stores, view central reports and the electronic journal, and deploy new software updates.

Schedule Rollouts

With Jumpmind Commerce’s deployment and auto-update features, you can schedule pilot deployments and subsequent software rollouts by region, geography, store number, and more.

Self Checkout

Jumpmind Commerce provides a self-checkout interface that enables a retailer to utilize the same software and business logic of their attended fixed lanes but in an autonomous mode.

It provides full support for toggling between fixed and self-checkout, as well as support for operating in a dedicated self-checkout lane.

Integration is available to:

  • Cash machines
  • Associate notification lights
  • Scales
  • And more

Software made by retailers, for retailers.

Our team has decades building software and technology for future-forward retailers.

See the power of Jumpmind Commerce firsthand.

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