We believe your software should be as unique as your business.

Our mission is to build retail software that is creative, practical, and easy to use. That’s why everything we do is designed to integrate seamlessly and painlessly with your business stack.

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The Jumpmind team stands as a group outside their office on a beautiful Fall day in Columbus, Ohio

Customized experience

Let’s build the future of retail together.

As former retailers ourselves, we empathize with your problems. We know unsophisticated technology and out-of-touch systems weigh on businesses and impede growth. That’s why we collaborate closely with our partners to find creative breakthroughs that fit the exact needs of modern retail businesses.


We’re more than just another software vendor. We’re partners in your success.

Our company embraces a model where development is done in the open, because transparency builds trusted relationships and stronger businesses.

We dig deeper to find creative solutions that work best for you.

Streamlining Solutions

We build nimble, top-of-the-line products that streamline every touchpoint in the customer journey to meet the needs of retail businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We’re a team of former retailers who know the industry, inside and out.

Firsthand Retail Experience

We solve problems no one else can because we have experience no one else does. When you work with us, you get decades of experience combined with an eye for the future.

We’re always there when your business goes sideways. Our experts are on call—24/7, 365.

Partners With Integrity

We treat your problems like our own and stand behind everything we build. We never lock you into products you don’t need, because we take both product and personal integrity seriously.

“As we continue innovating and optimizing Petco’s systems to deliver a positive experience to customers and employees alike, we’re looking forward to working alongside Jumpmind, whose strong partnership has been critical to our success.”

Case Study
Case Study

Petco Offers Seamless Omnichannel Experience with Jumpmind Commerce at POS

Proof Points

We build better software for forward-thinking retailers.

Jumpmind has the technical expertise and experience to help you tackle any challenge.

  • 200+ current and former customers in over 30 countries

  • 100K+ deployments synced across 50+ databases worldwide

We partner with brands that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

“They deliver really solid products and they stand by what they deliver. There’s never a time where they overpromise and underdeliver. If anything, they underpromise and overdeliver.”

Meet the team leading the charge into the next frontier of retail commerce.

Joe Corbin

President & CEO

Clifford Perlman

VP, Growth and Partnerships

Eric Long

Vice President, Customer Success

Chris Henson

Vice President, Development

John Dunning

Vice President, Operations

Mark Michalek

Director of Retail Product

Mike Dalton

Director of Implementation

Dan Kaste

Director of Retail Engineering

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