Engage our experienced training instructors to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise on Jumpmind products.

We offer courses on both SymmetricDS and Metl, delivered by our instructors in one of our classrooms or at your work location. Course material can be customized to meet your specific needs, if desired.

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How It Works

We empower your team to charge confidently into the future.

Classroom Training

Our hands-on training courses are offered here in Columbus, Ohio, and are led by an instructor in a classroom setting, usually with small groups of 10 or fewer people. Our instructors are product experts with extensive experience using and implementing the product. Each participant is given a book and media of the course material that can be kept as a reference. The lessons are designed to introduce new concepts through lectures and demonstrations followed by hands-on exercises to practice and apply the knowledge.

Onsite Training

We bring our experienced instructor and training material directly to you at your site. Onsite training is a good option when a team of four or more needs to be trained at once. The course can also be customized to fit the scenarios your team faces and you benefit from individualized attention.

Online Training

Online training is the same course led by a live instructor using conferencing and screen-sharing tools such as Skype. Participants receive course materials ahead of time and as a PDF file. This option works best with intermediate and advanced topics where participants need interaction from the instructor but with less attention to walking through individual problems.

As former retailers ourselves, we empathize with the problems of our partners. Unsophisticated technology and outdated systems weigh on businesses and impede growth. We built Jumpmind as the catalyst to move modern retail forward.

About Jumpmind
About Jumpmind

Explore why we collaborate closely with our partners to find creative breakthroughs that fit the exact needs of modern retail businesses.


We’re not a vendor, we’re a committed partner.

When you work with Jumpmind, you get more than a platform. Our team combines decades of retail experience, best-in-class technology expertise, and a tenacious vision to solve the challenges of forward-thinking enterprises.

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Partnership Tiers

Explore some of the ways we can collaborate on your next project.

Accelerate innovation with JumpStart consulting.

Our experts work with your team hand-in-hand through design and implementation. This option is best for advanced teams with limited resources who want to work collaboratively with our experts to support implementation and design.

Free up time and resources with JumpSurge consulting.

Our team handles the entire implementation process. This option is best for high-demand teams who need implementation to be outsourced so they can focus on application-specific functionality and testing.

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