CX Connect

An interactive customer display enables your customer to engage with the POS during the checkout process.

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Why It Matters

Elevate your customer’s in-store experience.

Customers will love you for facilitating a checkout experience that increases trust and engagement through transparency.

Jumpmind Commerce

Enhance the way customers engage with your brand.

Set the scene for a positive engagement between customers and associates.

Continue to engage, even during checkout.

Let the Good Times Roll

Enable your sales associate to continue to build rapport and deliver great service during checkout, by allowing for a synchronous interaction between customer display and POS.

Upsell, while not upselling.

Add to Cart

By displaying recommendations as products are being scanned, customers can simply choose, with the push of a button, to add the items directly to their transaction.

Goodbye, compliance headache.


If you’ve ever had to deal with the complexity and challenges of making changes to payment device forms, you know how painful it is to make changes or add something new.  This is simplified with CX Connect. Display anything you want, however you want to match your brand.


Explore the benefits of CX Connect.

Who Are You?

Customers can choose to self-identify as an existing loyalty member or sign up as a new loyalty member.

Loyalty Liability

Display loyalty points and prompt your customer to use them as part of their payment method.


Provide customers with a visual prompt showing them near-miss promotions in order to increase basket size and trigger a promotion.

Increase Basket Size

Leveraging your online recommendation engine, CX Connect will enable you to display recommended products while merchandise is being scanned at POS.