Unified Promotions

Whether you’re looking for out-of-the-box campaigns or something you can make your own, Jumpmind Promote has the tools to streamline and simplify promotion workflows across all selling platforms. 

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Why It Matters

Less time configuring.
More time connecting with your customers.

Disparate promotion systems can make launching a campaign feel like a mad dash. With Jumpmind Promote, everyone gains equal access and overview into all promotional campaigns to maximize effectiveness and drive sales.

Jumpmind Promote

One engine and one authoring tool for all your promotions.

Create and execute promotions across all customer experiences.

Unify execution of promotions.


No longer do you need multiple promotion tools, leverage one for all channels and guarantee your customers a seamless experience.

If you can dream it, you can promote it.

Creative Freedom

Try promotions that you’ve only thought of. Want to do something completely unique? Our authoring tool gives you limitless flexibility.

Speed up the mundane.


Our authoring tool will save your team time through collaboration, live editing, and even cloning of existing promotions. Your team can spend less time with data entry and more time innovating.


Explore the benefits of Jumpmind Commerce.

Full POS Functionality

Jumpmind Commerce is a full Point of Sale solution that offers complete sale capabilities.

Cloud-Native Solution

Our services are deployable to the cloud—any cloud. They can be deployed across multiple types of cloud technologies or even be split between on-premise and cloud storage.

Commerce Central

With a centralized view into the health of your store estate, Commerce Central enables IT and business users to manage the configuration of their stores, view central reports and the electronic journal, and deploy new software updates.

Promotions Engine

Jumpmind Commerce’s promotions engine can handle complex promotions campaigns, manufacturer coupons, manual discounts, and price overrides.

“We’re making it easy for pet parents to care for the health and wellness of their pets through a seamless omnichannel Petco experience that tailors to their needs and meets them where they are thanks to Jumpmind.”

Case Study
Case Study
Petco Offers Seamless Omnichannel Experience with Jumpmind Commerce at POS

See how seamless promotion authoring is with Jumpmind Promote.

Our cloud-based POS platform helps you provide seamless omnichannel retail experiences.

See the power of Jumpmind Promote firsthand.

Experience the next generation of retail software.

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