ISV Program

Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are channel partners who combine their software and/or hardware with SymmetricDS and distribute it to end customers under a commercial license.


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How It Works

Partnership Cycle

We collaborate with you to develop a working solution that you can distribute to your end customers.

Proof of Concept

A 6-month project to build and test a target use case in a non-production environment, which includes developer licensing and access to a dedicated consultant for up to 10 hours.


Consulting hours to complete a specific set of tasks that assist with design, development, testing, and enhancements.


Development licenses are provided so you can build, test, and maintain your solution. Purchase licenses for your customer when you distribute your combined product.


We provide software fixes, patches, and upgrades. We work with you to answer questions and address technical issues.

License Keys

A license key is used to activate the web console for control of SymmetricDS. After purchasing licenses, they are shown as “Available Licenses” on the Support Center website. A designated contact from your organization can generate new keys for end customers and modify the properties of existing keys to add nodes or move servers.

Commercial Vs. GPL

Jumpmind provides its SymmetricDS software under dual licensing designed to meet the development and distribution needs of both commercial distributors and open source projects.

For Commercial Applications

For ISVs and OEMs who combine commercial software with SymmetricDS and do not want to distribute the combined application under the GNU General Public License (GPL), they must enter into a commercial license agreement with Jumpmind.

For Open Source Applications

For developers of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) applications under the GNU General Public License (GPL) who want to combine and distribute their applications with SymmetricDS, Jumpmind’s open source license for SymmetricDS under the GPL is available.


Software is licensed by node (an endpoint that connects to a database). The number of nodes needed in the next year is estimated to determine the price per node. Licenses are purchased as needed, with a minimum of 5 required per order. The estimated nodes can be adjusted at the end of the maintenance period, or once during the period, but the maintenance fees cannot be lowered. The estimated nodes and existing nodes together determine the maintenance fee, which includes technical support and software upgrades.

Explore our frequently asked questions

When should I purchase a commercial license?

ISVs and OEMs who want the benefits of combining commercial software with SymmetricDS but do not want to be subjected to the requirements of the GPL, including releasing the source code of their proprietary application, should purchase a commercial license from Jumpmind. By purchasing a commercial license, the GPL no longer applies, and the distributor obtains an agreement with commercial distribution assurances.

What is the difference between Community and Professional Editions?

The Community Edition is the open source software with core replication features and a command line interface. The Professional Edition builds on the core server with additional functionality, including an installer, web console, monitoring tools, encryption, compression, user management, and auditing. The Professional Edition is only available under a commercial license. See the Editions Comparison page for more.

Where can I find out more about the GPL?

The Free Software Foundation publishes the GPL license agreement and GPL frequently asked questions.

How can I comply with the terms of the GPL?

The Software Freedom Law Center has published “A Practical Guide to GPL Compliance” which interprets and explains the requirements of using the GPL.

Who do I contact with questions?

For more information, reach out to us with any questions.


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