Conduct live data migration with no downtime.

Migrate to a new platform without disrupting service to users throughout the duration of the process.

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Why It Matters

Leverage a new platform or take advantage of the cloud

Migrating to a new database platform may reduce costs or better support available technology resources. The cloud has become an emerging solution to consolidate overhead, scaling, and maintenance. However migrating to a cloud environment though may not be a simple process and may require consistent replication as on-premise databases may remain operational for months or years while applications are converted.

Jumpmind SymmetricDS

Migrate with confidence

Taking on a migration project can be overwhelming and under estimated in what is needed to support a successful migration without affecting users. Jumpmind has the experience and tools to take you through this journey to ensure success.

Unable to create an outage window for your users?

Outage Window

SymmetricDS can perform the migration while accepting changes on the source to replicate once the load successfully completes to ensure full data integrity without affecting the user experience.

The migration finished, now what?

Bidirectional Replication Post Migration?

If you have applications that are designed to access the source and will eventually migrate to the new target platform, there will be a need for bidirectional replication until all applications have been moved. SymmetricDS takes care of this for you.

Not as easy as you thought?

Lift and Shift

Migrations can often be overlooked in their complexity. A lift and shift approach may be suitable if you have an outage window for your users and all existing applications can be ported to the new target at the same time. If this is not your use case we can help.


Streamline data across your enterprise.

Cost Savings

Lessen the cost by the number of hosting systems.


Reduce the heavy lifting by handing off the heavy work to the cloud.


Update your systems and move to platforms that accommodate your solution.


Keep applications moving at your own pace.

With 35+ supported database vendors and growing, Jumpmind can meet your needs.

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Customer Success Stories

We help our partners reinforce and improve data systems to achieve maximum impact.

Ascena Retail Group connects store sales to the central office with seamless synchronization.

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LexisNexis ensures reliable legal practice management with a cloud-based approach.

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Jumpmind always approaches everything with curiosity and wanting to understand, “What’s the problem we’re trying to solve? Why are we trying to solve it? What’s the value we’re adding?”
It’s always very collaborative in bouncing ideas back and forth, which is great. As a product manager, that’s what you want, is for your team to have that partnership.

See how easy data synchronization is with Jumpmind SymmetricDS.

Our advanced data synchronization tool helps you easily replicate data so you can focus on your application.

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Get an inside look at the most powerful data synchronization tool ever built.

Read our white paper to learn more about Jumpmind SymmetricDS, including its design, capabilities, and use cases.

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