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How It Works

Our approach to building the right POC.

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Determine the feasibility of implementing our products and get answers to your questions quickly. Based on your requirements, we help you build a solution as a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate how it can be done. We include unlimited usage of tables and rows so you can thoroughly test the solution. Go deeper into evaluation and maximize your success so you can make the right decision.

Get Expert Help

The POC project includes product licensing and support service for the commercial edition of the software for 3 months. Our support staff can answer questions about the product and help you overcome technical issues. We also provide a product expert for up to 10 hours of consulting to help implement the solution. Consulting sessions are scheduled within 1 business day. We work with you over email, phone, and screen share to help you build a working solution in a non-production environment for your specific use case.

See Results

Your product consultant will help you use the software to implement a targeted use case, including analysing requirements, designing a solution, identifying any customizations, and building configuration. While project scope can vary, most projects see results within a few weeks. The POC is an effective way to solve a specific use case to help you justify purchasing the software solution.

Implementation Plan

We document the required tasks, resources, and timeline needed to complete implementation. We make sure your team and ours have everything in place for a successful launch.

As former retailers ourselves, we empathize with the problems of our partners. Unsophisticated technology and outdated systems weigh on businesses and impede growth. We built Jumpmind as the catalyst to move modern retail forward.

About Jumpmind
About Jumpmind

Explore why we collaborate closely with our partners to find creative breakthroughs that fit the exact needs of modern retail businesses.


We’re not a vendor, we’re a committed partner.

When you work with Jumpmind, you get more than a platform. Our team combines decades of retail experience, best-in-class technology expertise, and a tenacious vision to solve the challenges of forward-thinking enterprises.

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Partnership Tiers

Explore some of the ways we can collaborate on your next project.

Accelerate innovation with JumpStart consulting.

Our experts work with your team hand-in-hand through design and implementation. This option is best for advanced teams with limited resources who want to work collaboratively with our experts to support implementation and design.

Free up time and resources with JumpSurge consulting.

Our team handles the entire implementation process. This option is best for high-demand teams who need implementation to be outsourced so they can focus on application-specific functionality and testing.

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