Get Data to the Cloud Without Opening Your Network


The cloud is here to stay and getting data there to utilize all it provides might be a challenge. Cloud solutions provide a lot of benefits to end users that help to eliminate day-to-day maintenance and scaling. Once data is in the cloud there are a variety of tools available to perform visualization, analytics, and reporting. This information can drive better business decisions that may help to save and generate revenue. So it is understandable why so many organizations are fast-tracking projects to get their data to the cloud to remain competitive in today’s market.

The Risk

However, getting the data there can be often overlooked. Most cloud data migration tools are SaaS solutions. This results in the cloud provider needing a connection to your data to extract and bring it to their platform.  Sounds simple enough but this might require access and security adjustments to your corporate network to allow these connections.  If not done correctly, your data and maybe even your entire corporate network may be open to security risks. Often the layers of corporate firewall and policies evolved over time to ensure the security of your data and are not easily changed. Due to the high priority these cloud migration projects take on these securities might be compromised in the short term.

Opening corporate firewalls to allow cloud connectors into your corporate network could expose too much.


The Solution

Push data to the cloud instead of allowing connections from the cloud to pull data out of your corporate structures. Pushing data to the cloud does require adjustments to the cloud endpoints to allow communication from your corporate network. However, the cloud is designed for these secure connections and continues evolving and maintaining security constantly. Also, this only opens a pipe for the data you need transmitted to the cloud rather than potentially opening endpoints internally from your organization that may expose a path for hackers to access more than just the data set you are sending to the cloud.

Push data to the cloud instead and keep your corporate security policies in place.


SymmetricDS Solution

Since SymmetricDS is an installable application on many platforms it can be used to achieve this by pushing data to the cloud architecture.  Installing SymmetricDS on both the on-premise location as well as the cloud platform will allow the two SymmetricDS nodes to push the data from your on-premise to the cloud.   This will keep all your current security and firewall rules in place while only opening some endpoints on the cloud provider to allow the data to come in securely to the cloud.

SymmetricDS installed agents on both sides to push information securely.