Introduction to SymmetricDS

Length: 2 days


This hands-on course is a two-day introduction to SymmetricDS covering both the basic and more advanced concepts key to understanding and using SymmetricDS for data synchronization. The course explains and explores fundamental concepts, configuration, segmenting and routing of data, and analysis of the synchronizations, as well as more advanced topics. The course consists of numerous hands-on labs, where attendees install and gradually build a working, two-tier, multi-node synchronization.


  • Basic understanding of SQL and database concepts
  • Basic programming knowledge is helpful for the advanced concepts portion of the course.

Course requirements:

  • Attendees will need to bring a laptop for use when doing labs.
  • Laptop should have Java 5 or Java 6 installed.

Course Outline:

1. Overview
1.1. History
1.2. Features
1.3. Platforms Supported
1.4. Community
2. Basic Configuration and Concepts
2.1. Deployment Options
2.2. Synchronization process
2.3. Nodes, Node Groups, Links
2.4. Channels, Triggers, Routers
3. Synchronization
3.1. Analysis of synchronization data
3.2. Solving synchronization issues
4. Concepts in Detail
4.1. Channels
4.2. Intelligent Routing
5. Jobs
6. Advanced Concepts
6.1. Data Transformation
6.2. Conflict Resolution
6.3. Extension Point API
6.4. JMS Publishing