SMARTMD Multi-Tenant Medical Data Sync

SMARTMD Leverages SymmetricDS to Provide Medical Clinic Data Synchronization.

SMARTMD Leverages SymmetricDS to Provide Client Medical Clinic Data Synchronization

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SMARTMD is a leading provider of clinical productivity applications and business services for the healthcare industry. Their products and services help practices streamline operations, reduce expenses, and comply with industry regulations enabling physicians to dedicate more time to providing quality care for their patients. Founded as a transcription company in 1999, SMARTMD quickly expanded to provide medical billing services, Electronic Health Records, scheduling software, electronic insurance eligibility verification and mobile applications to streamline the transcription process. Their 800+ transcriptionists and billing specialists currently provide services for over 1600 physicians across 39 states.

In 2011 SMARTMD launched an EHR Incentive Concierge Service, a mobile app for hospital/nursing home rounds, and will soon release fully integrated billing software. One of the challenges SMARTMD encountered in implementing their suite of applications was the need to seamlessly synchronize data between clinic offices and a central location. SMARTMD needed a solution that would provide reliability, scalability, and a common solution for current and future data synchronization needs.

After a thorough search of products in the marketplace, SMARTMD selected SymmetricDS Pro and partnered with JumpMind, Inc. to implement solutions for their data synchronization challenges and needs. SymmetricDS provides SMARTMD with a single, consistent data synchronization platform for movement of all data between clinics and the central office. SMARTMD’s now leverages SymmetricDS to synchronize a multi-tenant SQLServer data center installation to individual remote clinic locations in order to boost the performance and availability of their application in low bandwidth and outage situations. Each remote clinic location installation contains both a shared set of databases as well as a database that is specific to that customer. SymmetricDS allows the same customer data to exist in more than one location, using the routing capabilities of SymmetricDS to capture inbound data at the data center and re-route it back to the additional clinic locations.

In order to get the solution up and running quickly, SMARTMD leveraged JumpMind’s JumpStart program. The JumpStart program allows clients such as SMARTMD to meet and work with the actual SymmetricDS product developers to analyze and quickly create the needed configuration based on SMARTMD’s requirements. In addition, SMARTMD utilizes JumpMind’s available production support options, thereby providing the peace of mind that, should an issue arise, the expertise is available to quickly diagnose and propose a course of action to remedy the issue.

“Since implementing SymmetricDS as a strategic part of our infrastructure, we have gained many advantages for ourselves and for our customers. Our development and infrastructure teams have been able to focus on features and enhancements for our customers, not backend data synchronization problems. In addition, our customer’s offices are no longer interrupted when Internet providers are offline or bandwidth is too low.”

– Jeff Morris, VP Engineering, SMARTMD