SymmetricDS and Metl have proven successful in many industries and use cases that require data integration and replication across the enterprise.  Our solutions are high quality, low cost, and supported by the engineers that build them.  The majority of our customer base has come from word of mouth and customer recommendations.  Here is a small sample of some of the people using our products and services.


Solid Product – Dependable, Stable, Consistent
Kevin Kepp, Director Information Technology at Big Lots  
A truly effective and low maintenance application.
Michael Dalton, Manager of Store Systems at Abercrombie & Fitch  
Simply put symmetric-ds is hands down the simplest database synchronization tool on the market.
– Paul Fortin, Urban Outfitters  
Great product, easy to use and manage yet robust and scalable to fit any environment
Joe Corbin, Sr. Retail Solution Consultant at Oracle  
SymmetricDS is so versatile that it is being utilized in more and more of our projects with great results.
– Nathan Swendal, DSW  
Since implementing SymmetricDS as a strategic part of our infrastructure, we have gained many advantages for ourselves and for our customers.
Jeff Morris, VP Engineering at SMARTMD  
The SymmetricDS tool was the ideal software solution for the data synchronization scenario we were required to implement.
Calum Hutchison, Project Manager at Cancer Research UK  
SymmetricDS is a very elegant and reliable solution; easy to understand and grasp. I’ve had great success with it, and the JumpMind support is excellent.
– Rob Wright, POS Systems, Agilsys  
The flexibility and scalability of SymmetricDS has been instrumental in our successful rollout of store systems into new regions of the world. The ease of operation and reliability have made SymmetricDS one of the backbones of our global systems.
– POS Project Manager, Abercrombie & Fitch  
Now that we are familiar with and see SymmetricDS in action, it is really a great product. You guys really understood the industry problem top to bottom and solved it quite remarkably.
– Frank Gary, eRezCommerce