American Eagle Outfitters partners with Jumpmind Commerce, the modern, cloud-native, mobile-first, composable in-store solution for its American Eagle and Aerie brands

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American Eagle Outfitters Storefront

Project Brief

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) is a portfolio of unique, loved, and enduring brands with merchandise assortments that consist of high-quality, on-trend apparel, intimates, activewear, accessories, and personal care products.

Client: American Eagle Outfitters
Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA
Industry: Apparel & Accessories Retail
Company size: 40,000+ associates, 7,000+ mobile devices

Reduction in per transaction time: ~1 minute
Range of time decreases, per in-store transaction: 21%

Business Challenge

AEO joined forces with Jumpmind to offer personalized and holistic shopping experiences.

American Eagle Outfitters is a leading global specialty retailer known for its high-quality, on-trend clothing, accessories, and personal care products. It operates retail stores in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Hong Kong under its American Eagle and Aerie brands and ships to 81 countries through its websites. American Eagle and Aerie merchandise is available at more than 200 international locations operated by licensees in 24 countries.

Keeping up with fashion trends is one thing. Keeping up with the latest technological advancements to improve the customer’s shopping experience is equally important to AEO. The store technology team recognized that the legacy point of sale system was slow and monolithic, offering very little ability to configure, customize, or scale. Checkout was stale and unreliable with in-store hardware showing its age. Then the COVID-19 pandemic came and along with it the proliferation of digital shopping, which redefined shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. Omnichannel went from nice-to-have to necessity.

“We needed a way to connect our in-store experience with our online experiences,” says Michael Rector, Director of Product for AEO.

Disconnected channels inhibited AEO’s ability to personalize shopping experiences for its customers. The in-store sales associate was unaware of which items the customer had in their digital store cart. The digital store had no way of tracking what the customer purchased from the brick-and-mortar.

“We wanted to be able to use technology to elevate, simplify, and modernize the entire shopping experience,” Rector said. “We needed a system that could give both our store associates and customers a better and more seamless experience.”

The Solution

Jumpmind passes the test.

So AEO did what most retailers its size would do: it presented its challenges to all of the well-established, big-name POS vendors. They met with multiple candidates, each producing red flags that AEO couldn’t ignore. “Some didn’t scale for enterprise, others didn’t offer the ability for us to control various aspects of the solutions, a few didn’t support international stores and none of them gave us the option as to what public cloud infrastructure we could use to host the solution. All the vendors sent their sales teams, trying to sell us an out-of-the-box solution, rather than listening to what our concerns were and trying to find solutions together,” said Rector.

Then one of their engineering partners reached out to them from the National Retail Federation’s “Big Show” conference in New York and asked them if they had considered Jumpmind.  “Who?” asked Rector. The unknown POS vendor began to build credibility and trust from the very first meeting, with Jumpmind’s engagement team including many technical and engineering experts.  That trust continued to grow, and today Jumpmind has become a trusted and valued partner to AEO.

Jumpmind, an Ohio-based software company, founded by software engineers, sent their technical SMEs and approached AEO from an engineering, problem-solving perspective. They explained how Jumpmind customers could own their configurations, manage as much of the solution as they wanted, and adapt the solution to meet the immediate and as critical, the future needs of AEO stores. Jumpmind took the time to explain their architecture, the openness of the platform and the flexibility that comes with microservices, and how the platform could compose whatever experience AEO wanted to deliver to its store associates. AEO had the confidence that the mobile solution could scale for a retailer with both the store and device count that they have. Rector reflected how Jumpmind provided them with the confidence that partnering and collaborating with the unknown POS vendor was the right choice for their business today and more importantly, for the future as well.

AEO decided to stand up Jumpmind Commerce, Jumpmind’s mobile POS application, on a single iPad in one Pilot store – communicating with and sitting alongside the store’s existing legacy registers.  AEO gradually added more stores, expanding to 20 stores and putting Jumpmind Commerce to the ultimate test: the 2022 holiday shopping season.

“Launching a new POS during the holiday season is certainly a risk,” Rector said. “However, our store associates immediately gravitated to the mobile devices. Store leadership teams attribute the quick adoption to the ease and simplicity of using Jumpmind’s POS, and the fact that we deployed this without formal training and had relatively few issues was a huge win for both AEO’s technical and store teams.”

“Lines moved faster than we had ever seen before.”

Jumpmind Commerce is a completely new look at POS

Full-featured and technically robust, the Commerce platform allows for evolution and revolution. With a web UI and microservice architecture, deploy it thick, thin, or anywhere in-between.


AEO saw immediate increases in transactions.

Jumpmind had an immediate positive impact on our brick-and-mortar stores’ performance. Stores began to see reductions in transaction time (down almost a minute), which led to an uptick in hourly sales figures.

“Lines moved faster than we had ever seen before,” Rector said.

Over the next year, AEO replaced its legacy POS with Jumpmind Commerce. The new mobile-first POS gave AEO the flexibility to change the type of in-store experience that made the most sense for any one store on any given day, whether that was a fixed mobile device, mobile, or a self-checkout kiosk. This choice enabled AEO to rethink how they use their physical store space and react and adapt to the landscape changes that were accelerated by COVID-19.


AEO adapts to changing retail trends with Jumpmind Commerce.

Jumpmind’s architecture allowed AEO to quickly adjust to spikes in customer traffic. Each store, typically outfitted with 7 or 8 registers, has the ability to swiftly scale up to 15 mobile devices as volume dictates.

Ultimately, Jumpmind’s solution gave AEO the ability to think, plan, and anticipate what future changes might be needed. It’s a composable platform ready to be connected to whatever solutions, be it legacy applications or new modern ones, that AEO wants to plug in.

“They’ve helped us build a foundation that’s set us up for the future,” Rector said. “For me, the relationship is as important – if not more important – than the technology you’re buying. The Jumpmind team has been available and has supported us every step of the way. There are definitely bigger companies out there, but I can assure you there is not a better one!”

One-platform solution

Creativity unlocked. All on one platform.

Our modern POS is dynamic and customizable. See the Commerce difference.

Web-based and responsive. Made flexible for the modern age.

Web-based & Responsive

From tablet to kiosk and everything in-between, Commerce is there alongside your entire suite of modern business tools. With everything living on the web, you can work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Built with microservice architecture. The next big thing.


Microservices are encapsulated and reusable, allowing retailers to effortlessly create custom experiences as deep or granular as needed. Teams can combine services in limitless configurations with remarkable flexibility to create solutions as unique as your audiences are.

Sychronized across every touchpoint, to move as fast as your business does.


Our approach to data security and transmission means you can rest assured knowing that every part of your business is working in harmony with each other. Even better, customers get consistent experiences with your brand, no matter how they interact.

Business Benefits

Experience the benefits of Jumpmind Commerce

  • Improved omnichannel returns process
  • Improved returns process for loyalty members resulted in additional signups
  • Reduced fraud
  • E-Receipt
  • Private label credit Integrated scales
  • Pricing and promotion options including customer groups and subscription service pricing
  • Supported platform with new features to enable revenue- generating programs

See the power of Jumpmind Commerce firsthand.

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