Ascena Retail Group uses SymmetricDS and Metl for a reliable retail store architecture that performs all data integrations for store systems.

Ascena Retail Group is a national specialty retailer offering clothing, shoes, and accessories for women and girls under a family of brands, including Ann Taylor, LOFT, Lou & Grey, Lane Bryant, Maurices, Dressbarn, Catherines, and Justice. Ascena chose SymmetricDS and Metl to build a retail store architecture and improve the reliability of their point of sale and central office systems. Metl integrates data from home office systems for item, price, tax, store hierarchy, and merchandise hierarchy into a central operational database, and SymmetricDS syncs the data to the chain of stores. The POS uses its local database to operate in an offline-first strategy, recording its sales transactions locally, while SymmetricDS keeps data synchronized in the background. The POS system requires XML files for advanced pricing and promotions, which is released over file sync using the same SymmetricDS network. As sales transactions sync in near real time from the POS to the central office database, data is also reformatted through transformation into queue tables used by Metl to publish RTLog messages to all backend systems.

Urban Outfitters deploys SymmetricDS across its stores to keep them in sync, enabling new applications like electronic receipts and analytics.

URBN is a portfolio of global consumer brands comprised of Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN, Terrain and the Vetri Family. URBN selected SymmetricDS for their retail store architecture, to sync sales from the point of sale back to central office, and to sync changes down to to the store for items, prices, and tax. During their upgrade of their POS software, SymmetricDS was instrumental in the migration by keeping two parallel central office databases in sync, one on Oracle and the other on DB2, to allow cross store returns to continue functioning as the upgrade was rolled out. SymmetricDS was also used to integrate with an email receipts application by syncing a subset of store data in real time to an electronic receipts application, enabling customers to manage their receipts online. To facilitate reporting, SymmetricDS was used to sync data from an operational merchandising system to a secondary database where reports and analysis could be performed.

Simply put, SymmetricDS is hands down the simplest database synchronization tool on the market.
Paul Fortin, Software Architect

Retailer syncs sales and critical business data between its retail stores, mobile trucks, and the central office.

Red Wing Shoes is an American footwear company known primarily for its heavy work boots that are handmade in the USA, as well an expanded line-up of footwear. While upgrading their point of sale and backoffice systems, Red Wing chose SymmetricDS as a reliable data synchronization solution for their 400 stores. In addition, they deployed SymmetricDS to their mobile trucks that travel for onsite sales and experience several weeks of being offline before syncing. SymmetricDS was configured to sync bi-directional data, with some data being sent to all stores and some data being split across stores. As a central component of the store architecture, SymmetricDS was configured to sync all store data, including sales, items, tax, employee, and inventory data in real time.

Audio equipment retailer keeps track of sales across its stores worldwide

Bose is an American audio equipment company that designs, develops, and sells high-end audio equipment around the world. After upgrading their point of sale system for their chain of stores and outlets, they chose SymmetricDS as the data replication solution to integrate data with the central office database. As the central store architecture, SymmetricDS was configured to sync outgoing updates like items, prices, and tax, as well as incoming updates like sales and inventory. With real time data integration, Bose enabled timely reporting on sales without waiting for end of day.

Footwear retailer uses SymmetricDS for data and file replication in their store architecture to centralize POS sales.

DSW Inc., formerly Designer Shoe Warehouse, is a specialty branded footwear retailer with 500 stores across the U.S. DSW relies on SymmetricDS as a central component in their store architecture. Sales from each point of sale (POS) register are delivered to the central office using SymmetricDS file synchronization. Summarized sales in the database are also synchronized to central office using database replication. The central office systems are used to manage stores by sending database updates and configuration file changes through SymmetricDS out to all stores or specific stores.

SymmetricDS is so versatile that it is being utilized in more and more of our projects with great results.
Nate Swendal, DevOps Automation Manger

Action sports retailer uses SymmetricDS for data replication with their mobile point of sale.

Zumiez is a clothing retailer for action sports, particularly skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross, with more than 650 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Zumiez relies on SymmetricDS as a central component of their mobile point of sale (POS). Items, pricing, and tax are loaded in the central office PostgreSQL database. SymmetricDS uses change data capture to integrate data to the mobile POS at store locations. Sales from each POS are captured and the data is synchronized to the central database.

Time replicates magazine subscription data in real time between the home office and the customer service center.

Time Inc. is a New York-based publishing company that owns and publishes over 100 magazine brands, including Time magazine. SymmetricDS replicates magazine subscription data between the Time home office in New York and their customer service center in Florida. With a DB2 database on the mainframe and a Sybase database on Solaris, Time requires a cross-platform data replication solution. The data structure is different in each database, so data transformation is used to bridge the two schemas as data is synced.

Dell EMC uses SymmetricDS for cross platform replication in cloud-based and virtual environments.

Dell EMC sells data storage, virtualization, and cloud computing products and services to businesses. SymmetricDS is used for cross platform data replication in the CloudLink product, which provides data security and encryption for cloud-based and virtual environments across many platforms.

Dicks's Sporting Goods uses data replication to consolidate retail and analytics data into a data warehouse.

Dicks's Sporting Goods is the nation's largest sporting goods retailer with 850 retail locations across the United States. SymmetricDS is used to replicate and consolidate business data into a large data warehouse. The initial data warehouse was built using the automated data migration provided by SymmetricDS for a seamless, repeatable process. With 2 terabytes of source data, the data migration made use of parallel loads with multiple channels and direct path bulk loading of data for performance. To reduce the risk to the business, SymmetricDS provided zero downtime of the live system, using its change data capture system to continuously sync the source and target databases. The SymmetricDS web console makes it easy to track the progress of the data migration and estimate its completion.

Lululemon Athletica Inc uses SymmetricDS to keep their Warehouse Management databases in sync across multiple distribution centers.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. is an athletic apparel retailer and designer with an international chain of clothing stores. SymmetricDS replicates the inventory, labor, space, and compliance data for the Warehouse Management solution used across distribution centers. The solution is also used to track changes and perform a daily audit of changes made in the system.

Lockheed Martin uses cross platform database replication for internal information technology solutions.

Lockheed Martin is an American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company with worldwide interests. SymmetricDS is the cross platform database replication used by their internal information technology systems.

IBM embeds SymmetricDS in its Rivermine telecom expense management software for real time data replication.

IBM is a multinational technology company who develops and manufactures computer hardware and software, as well as provides hosting and consulting services. IBM's Rivermine telecom expense management product is powered by SymmetricDS, embedding it as a core service that provides data replication. IBM's global blue chip and federal customers benefit from a responsive application that depends on real time data replication.

LexisNexis expands its on-premise legal software offerings by syncing data to the cloud.

LexisNexis Group provides computer-assisted legal research, legal business software, and risk management services. LexisNexis embeds SymmetricDS in their practice management software to enable synchronization to the cloud for mobile integration. Whether a legal office is using PCLaw, Juris, or TimeMatters to manage their matters and track expenses, they can all sync to the cloud and be accessed from a web-based solution called Firm Manager. SymmetricDS performs transformation from each on-premise database into the canonical format at the Firm Manager database.

VMware enables the cloud economy with a Subscription-based Delivery Platform that is replicated worldwide by SymmetricDS.

VMware provides cloud and virtualization software and service. SymmetricDS powers their Subscription-based Delivery Platform that allows for on-demand purchasing of cloud products and services by their channel partners for customers. The system handles subscription orders, billing, and payment for services like vCloud Hybrid. The self-service, on-demand SDP database is replicated worldwide to multiple regions to provide fast, local access to the service.

Infosys embeds SymmetricDS into a mobile delivery tracking solution for a large courier and logistics company.

Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services. Infosys used SymmetricDS to build a mobile delivery tracking solution for a large courier and logistics company. The SymmetricDS native library was deployed to ARM Linux-based mobile devices with 3G GSM/GPRS cellular data communication. The mobile devices use SymmetricDS to sync their local SQLite database to a cluster of SymmetricDS instances connected to a central Oracle database.

Royal Lemkes, the leading plant service partner in Europe, uses SymmetricDS for a data-driven approach with ERP systems.

Since 1882, Royal Lemkes is creating a thriving business and a more beautiful world using plants and healthy living. Rather than maximizing profits, their aim is to achieve sustainable growth: of their people, their business partners, and the world we live in. Working closely with partners in the supply chain, the 200+ professionals at this family business strive to achieve this goal every single day. Every year they deliver more than 100 million plants to large retailers in Europe: garden centres, DIY stores, supermarkets and home furnishing outlets in 34 countries. A data-driven approach means success in delivering plants on time, as agreed and at the lowest supply chain costs.

Royal Lemkes uses SymmetricDS for data migration and continuous data replication from a legacy ERP system to a new one based on OutSystems Low-code. Both production systems use Oracle databases for storing the backend data. SymmetricDS helps with a fast and reliable bi-directional data synchronization, including some complex transformations, between those two databases.

SymmetricDS filled all our needs as a flexible and fault tolerant database synchronization product for a good price with outstanding support.
Raymon Vermeer, Software Engineer

Sportvision streams live statistics from professional sporting events using SymmetricDS data replication.

Sportvision provides television viewing enhancements to a number of different professional sporting events, including the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, NHL, MLB, PGA, and college football. Sportvision deploys SymmetricDS in its production trucks where live statistics are recorded as the game is played, which is synced back to central servers and integrated with live streams.

Amaya runs online gaming systems worldwide with 24/7 high availability using SymmetricDS database replication.

Amaya is the largest public gaming and online gambling company that is the parent company of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, providing gaming products and services, including online casino, poker, sportsbook, and slot machines software. SymmetricDS is used to power online transactions recorded to a multi-node network of MySQL databases that are replicated in a star topology to maintain 24x7 uptime stability.

Radixx deploys SymmetricDS with its Passenger Service System to enable real time reporting on sales and operations at airlines.

Radixx provides Passenger Services System (PSS) software to more than thirty airlines on five continents. The Radixx Air system covers multiple functional areas of business, including sales, distribution, A/R, CRM, and departure control. SymmetricDS is deployed to sync real time data to the airline for data analytics, enabling timely reports on sales and operation.

SymmetricDS provides embedded data replication for an enterprise software company.

Infor is a multi-national enterprise software company with solutions across multiple functional areas of business. Infor has acquired over forty companies, including Starmount, a retail software company leading the way for mobile point of sale and omni-channel integration. SymmetricDS is the embedded solution for mobile POS to replicate data in the three tiers between POS, the in-store server, and the central office. Data across channels are consolidated and synced back out to the stores to drive the software functionality and create a comprehensive, omni-channel shopping experience.

Ryko mobilizes its workforce in the field with SymmetricDS to access work orders, enter invoices, and view equipment documentation.

Ryko is the industry leader for full-spectrum car wash equipment, chemical, and service supplies in North America. Ryko chose SymmetricDS as the data sychronization solution to give field representatives access to data during repair and maintenance visits. Using Android mobile tablets, field reps can access work orders and enter repair invoices as they travel onsite with their customers. The application works with a local SQLite database, while the embedded SymmetricDS software syncs in the background with the central server. SymmetricDS also syncs PDF files to the tablets, enabling a library of reference documentation for the equipment. New tablets are easy to add to the network using an initial load of all the data, which is then continuously kept in sync.

SymmetricDS bridges electronic health records between different database platforms.

CoverMyMeds integrates with electronic health records (EHR) systems to power electronic prior authorization (ePA) functionality at the point of prescribing. Their systems handle more than 500 integrated EHR systems, 80% of pharmacies, and 75% of the payer market. SymmetricDS is used to replicate between an operational SQL-Server database and a secondary analytical database running PostgreSQL.

Medfusion combines disparate data sources with SymmetricDS cross platform replication.

Medfusion provides a patient web portal and mobile solution for facilitating the relationship between physicians and patients, including personal health records and payments. Medfusion uses SymmetricDS for cross platform replication across several internal databases deployed to PostgreSQL and Oracle.

The government agency responsible for waterways in the Netherlands deploys SymmetricDS to keep data in sync with its fleet of water vessels.

Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the design, construction, management, and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. SymmetricDS is deployed to water vessels to keep their database in sync with the head office. Due to the low bandwidth network, the database is first prepared at the head office with an initial load and installation of SymmetricDS. Then the server is deployed to the ship, where SymmetricDS captures and receives changes to keep it in sync. The ships navigate the waterways and monitor the coastline and quality of rivers.

Teranet feeds real-time data to its network of online services that enable customer to conduct land registration and property searches.

Teranet provides a suite of online services with access to Ontario's Electronic Land Registration System, enabling customers to conduct online registrations, as well as title and writ searches related to real property. SymmetricDS powers the network of online services by syncing land-related data in real time across the application databases. On-demand access to the latest land registry and land related data, enables smart decision making and allows for improved efficiencies.

Genscape collects data from energy monitors around the world and uses SymmetricDS to consolidate databases into a data warehouse.

Genscape provides transparency across global commodity and energy markets using the world's largest private network of land, sea, and satellite monitors to deliver market insight and intelligence. SymmetricDS is leveraged for its cross-platform data replication to consolidate multiple database platforms into a central Greenplum data warehouse. With real-time access to its data, Genscape performs analytics to generate intelligence reports on a wide array of energy market insights.

BOS Solutions uses SymmetricDS with its fluid tank system to stream real-time performance and analytics data.

BOS Solutions (BOS) is a manufacturer of fluid tank systems and a full service provider of solutions for drilling fluids treatment and recovery in the oil and natural gas industries. BOS uses SymmetricDS to replicate operational data from their fluid tank systems to a central database for analytics. The equipment provides a stream of updates to the database regarding the job performance, and SymmetricDS replicates the data in real-time for remote monitoring and reporting.

ARCOS centralizes utility crew callout and workforce data to a multi-tenant database for reporting and analytics.

ARCOS provides automated crew callout and resource management software system for finding, assembling, and tracking repair crews for electric and gas utility companies. ARCOS deploys its software at the customer's premise and replicates the application data to a central multi-tenant database to support reporting and analytics.

Picsolve captures amazing moments at theme parks worldwide and uses SymmetricDS to share the photos and videos.

Picsolve is the leading image capture company for the entertainment industry, with over 500 installations across the globe at amusement parks, retail stores, and entertainment events. Picsolve uses SymmetricDS to share photos and videos across multiple access points in amusement parks, allowing customers to access imagery from any of their experiences and purchase products. Image assets are also synced back to a central database, where it is integrated into other systems including the customer website. By subsetting data into smaller databases, Picsolve has leveraged SymmetricDS to migrate towards a micro-service architecture.

Quesada operates a chain of Mexian restaurants and uses SymmetricDS to sync sales transactions and operational data.

Quesada operates a chain of 60 restaurants serving mission-style burritos, tacos, and Mexican fare across Canada. SymmetricDS is deployed alongside the point of sale system to capture sales transactions and sync them back to the corporate database where end of day sales summaries are posted to financial systems.

UpToDate uses SymmetricDS to create a regional network of medical databases that provide fast, local access for their clients.

UpToDate, Inc. is a company in the Wolters Kluwer Health division of Wolters Kluwer whose main product is UpToDate, a software system that is a point-of-care medical resource. UpToDate uses SymmetricDS for data replication between regional databases to provide fast, local access to data for clients. Each regional database also has a replicated backup database that can be used for high availability in that region.

Modell's uses 3-tier data replication to consolidate sales at central office and sync in real-time with its chain of 150 retail locations.

Modell's Sporting Goods is a sporting goods retailer with 150 retail locations across the United States, providing sporting goods and related apparel. SymmetricDS is used to replicate business data for sales, items, prices, and tax using a 3-tier configuration that includes a central office, backoffice, and store point of sale (POS) systems. Opening new stores is also enhanced using an initial load from central office that populates all the databases at the store with a fast bulk loader. Leveraging real-time data integration allows Modell's to centralize management of stores, deliver changes immediately, and perform reporting and analytics.

DS Services uses SymmetricDS to synchronize sales orders from their mobile application to a central server.

DS Services offers bottled water, brewed coffee, tea, and related supplies and equipment to restaurants, stores, and offices across the U.S. Their mobile application for placing orders uses SymmetricDS for data synchronization with a central server.

Nahdi uses SymmetricDS data replication to consolidate sales and sync in real time with its chain of 700 pharmacies.

Al Nahdi Medical Company is the largest pharmaceutical chain in the Middle East and North Africa. The company operates over 700 pharmacies with sales and distribution of medicines, children accessories, and medical equipment. SymmetricDS is used to replicate and consolidate sales data from each pharmacy into a central office database. The real time data replication is used centrally manage and deliver items, prices, and tax rates to the retail stores.

TIDI Products integrates medical product orders from different ERP systems together using SymmetricDS data capture and transformation.

TIDI Products manufactures single-use infection prevention products for the medical, dental, and foodservice markets. When TIDI acquired CFI Medical, they needed a way to integrate their separate enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in order to work together. TIDI uses SymmetricDS real-time data replication to capture changes from their main ERP on AS/400 DB2, transform the data, and load it into an ERP running on SQL-Server.

American Pool supports employee operations by replicating internal databases to an external website.

American Pool is the largest commercial swimming pool management, maintenance, construction, and recreational facility management operation in the United States. Internal databases are replicated by SymmetricDS through the firewall to an external website that supports employee operations.

S-Mart uses SymmetricDS for continuous operation of their grocery stores to replicate data from the point of sale.

S-Mart operates 60 grocery stores in northern Mexico. SymmetricDS is used to replicate point of sale transactions from stores to a central office database. To maintain backwards compatibility with their legacy systems, SymmetricDS uses a file synchronization extension to capture changes from xBase databases at the POS and transform the data into a new relational schema. The cross-platform capabilities of SymmetricDS are leveraged for continuous operation while S-Mart upgrades its technology across its chain. S-Mart uses the real-time replication of sales for reporting and analytics.

Febeca improves sales with a mobile order application that is powered by SymmetricDS data synchronization.

Febeca is a wholesale distributor specializing in hardware supplies of more than 300 brands to small and medium retailers in Venezuela, with more than 10,000 customers throughout the country. To mobilize their sales force and boost sales performance, Febeca developed a sales order application for Android that included catalog, customer, and order information. With one thousand mobile devices in the field, SymmetricDS is used to sync the mobile SQLite databases with a central DB2 database. On the backend, SymmetricDS is used to sync catalog databases into the operational DB2 database, which syncs the consolidated item information out to the mobile clients.

SMARTMD improves access and response of their medical applications using SymmetricDS data synchronization.

SMARTMD provides software for the medical industry, including dictation applications, medical transcription, billing, and electronic health records integration. SymmetricDS is used to synchronize a multi-tenant SQLServer data center to individual remote clinic locations in order to boost the performance and availability of SMARTMD applications in low-bandwidth and outage situations. Each remote clinic location installation contains both a shared set of databases as well as a database that is specific to that office. SymmetricDS allows the same customer data to exist in more than one location, using the routing capabilities of SymmetricDS to capture inbound data at the data center and re-route it back to the additional clinic locations.

Since implementing SymmetricDS as a strategic part of our infrastructure, we have gained many advantages for ourselves and for our customers.
Jeff Morris, VP Engineering

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Entertainment Earth replicates its ecommerce database across geographically disperse servers for scalability and performance.

Entertainment Earth is an online retailer and wholesaler of licensed collectibles, including action figures, clothing, prop replicas, games, and toys. Entertainment Earth is using SymmetricDS to replicate their ecommerce database of product information across geographical servers to scale the website and improve access times for customers.

Versele-Laga synchronizes master data and orders across databases for a highly available solution.

Versele-Laga is an international manufacturer of quality food and care brand products for performance animals and pets. SymmetricDS is being used to synchronize master data and orders between three main production sites for a highly available solution.

Hoveround mobilizes its service technicians by syncing laptops with work orders and customer information.

Hoveround manufactures and distributes the Hoveround brand of motorized wheelchairs, as well as selling scooters, lifts, ramps and power chair accessories. SymmetricDS is deployed to Hoveround laptops used by technicians in mobile service vans who need access to work orders and customer information while servicing equipment in the field.

Vode improves performance on their Fishbowl operational database by offloading to a reporting database with replication.

Vode is an architecture company who designs elegant, minimalistic lighting systems for public, commercial, and educational interior spaces. Vode uses SymmetricDS to replicate their Fishbowl Inventory Management database from Firebird to a MySQL reporting database in near real time. They improved the performance of the operational Fishbowl database by offloading reports to the replicated database.

Maverick Aviation Group bridges their internal ERP with their ecommerce site for real-time processing of orders.

Maverick Aviation Group provides aircraft tour packages in the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and Maui. SymmetricDS is used for database replication between the ecommerce site and internal enterprise resource planning systems.

Now that we are familiar with and see SymmetricDS in action, it is really a great product. You guys really understood the industry problem top to bottom and solved it quite remarkably.
Frank Gary, President, eRezSystems, partner consultant company

IATSE National Benefit Fund uses SymmetricDS to replicate fund and participant information between multiple databases for a highly available solution.

The IATSE National Benefit Funds operates trust funds established by the IATSE through collective bargaining with various entertainment industry employers. They use SymmetricDS to replicate fund and participant information between multiple databases for a highly available solution.

Clinical Ink enables a cloud-based clinical trial data capture platform for mobile tablets.

Sandos operates its beach resorts and hotels with SymmetricDS to enhance its point sale integration with reports and websites.

Sandos operates all-inclusive beach resorts and luxury hotels in locations throughout Mexico and Spain. Sandos uses SymmetricDS with their point of sale software to replicate data such as guest information, reservations, room status, and payments to central servers. SymmetricDS enables central management, reporting, and integration with Sandos websites.

An Italian fashion retailer leverages cross-platform data replication to keep its store databases and operational files in sync.

Centro Calzaturiero offers a range of brands in the mid to high-end range of fashion items at its 15 retail stores in Italy. Known for their customer service, Centro Calzaturiero wanted to consolidate store data at a central office where it could be more easily accessed and managed. Using MacOS X hardware for the point of sale, SymmetricDS works in the background to keep both the local PostgreSQL database in sync, as well as a directory of support files.

Breaux Mart manages and consolidates its neighborhood supermarkets from a central database.

Breaux Mart has operated neighborhood supermarkets in the communities of New Orleans for over 40 years. SymmetricDS is used to synchronize sales receipts from the point of sale to central servers for reporting.

Consulting company providing software and services to the health services industry.

Gesan is a consulting company specializing in software and services for the health services industry. Their comprehensive portfolio of solutions is driven by the collection of clinical and health information, processed by healthcare workers at hospitals, clinics, outpatient facilities, urgent centers, and doctor offices. Their implementations require data replication provided by SymmetricDS to enable scalability, interoperability, and integration between locations.

Lexington Solutions uses SymmetricDS to create a high availability solution for their productivity and risk management software.

Lexington Solutions is a software provider of productivity and risk management cloud services for asset managers and owners. Fusion is their real-time data collection software that highlights issues and key metrics when managing assets. SymmetricDS is used for data replication of the Fusion application database, creating a backup database for high availability.