A lightweight, web-based integration platform

Data integration needs are everywhere. Whether it’s implementing a new system, enhancing an existing one, or bringing a new business partner online, chances are good the project has data integration needs. At JumpMind, we believe integrations should be configured, not coded. We don’t think you should have to be a rocket scientist to get the tool up and running, and if the tool doesn’t provide a specialized need, you should be able to add it. Metl allows you to do all of the above. Download it, run it, and create integrations in minutes, not hours, days or weeks. Integrate using web services, database calls, flat files, jms queues and more. Deploy it wherever you need it, mobile devices, enterprise servers or the cloud.

Core Features

  • Web-based for easy deployment on-premise or in the cloud
  • Download, install and run in minutes
  • Configure with graphical drag and drop components
  • Leverage web services, jms queues, databases, and flat files
  • Model, parse, format, sort, route, lookup, map, and more
  • Create custom components for specialized needs
  • Distribute Metl agents to deploy and run integrations anywhere
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Metl Components


File Readers/Writers
Read and Write from text files in multiple formats including fixed length, delimited, xml and more

Relational Database Readers / Writers
Read and write data to and from relational databases

Web Service Executors (REST and WSDL)
Call web services to read or write to third party applications


JMS Readers / Writers
Read and write from JMS message queues

Sorters, Aggregators, Routers and more
Process data with a variety of components at your finger tips

Why Choose Metl?

Proven in Production

Metl is proven in small departmental integration scenarios as well as large enterprise ones.

Lightweight and web-based

There is no heavy infrastructure to install, simply download and run. Metl is 100% web-based so it's perfect for deployment in your data center or in the cloud.

Open and Extensible

Metl is open source. No vendor lock in, no black box where you can’t see what’s going on.  It’s also completely extensible.  If you have specialized needs, simply write your own component and snap it in.

See How Companies Are Using Metl

Bridging Applications

Urban Outfitters uses Metl
to load data from legacy systems
into Store Systems Infrastructure

Cloud Integration

A Large Conglomerate uses Metl
to integrate all data in and out of their
central master data management solution

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