Retail Systems Research Benchmark Report

Are you at risk of failing to meet shopper expectations in an increasingly tech-enabled, digital world?

  • 69% of consumers still like to browse stores, but nearly 3 in 4 say the way they shop in stores has changed significantly in the past three years.

  • 36% of fashion and specialty retailers say their existing technology is not up to the challenge of today’s tech-savvy customers and employees.

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Complete with 27 charts and graphs, the report is your guide to navigate the new role and relevance of brick & mortar stores in the path to purchase in a digital world!

You’ll learn: 

  • What shoppers want from stores.

  • How to address new store associate requirements.

  • Where and how retailers can improve the in-store shopping experience while navigating operational and external market challenges.

  • Top priorities for tech investment to unite the digital and physical shopping experience and keep shoppers coming back for more.

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