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  • Easy

    Configuration is quick and easy with a friendly web console that configures and manges all nodes from one interface. Reduce time to market by configuring, not coding, in days instead of months.

  • Monitor

    Monitor your network of nodes and troubleshoot conflicts and errors from a central web dashboard. Gain insight into node health, performance metrics, and synchronization status.

  • Reliable

    Handle offline periods of disconnected operation and make efficient use of low-bandwidth networks. With durability to guarantee data delivery, the system automatically recovers from faults.

  • Scale

    Scale out to large networks of thousands of nodes and leverage out of the box support for clustered nodes, load balancing, high performance bulk loading, and n-tier configuration.

  • Databases

    Synchronize data in a heterogenous enterprise and gain freedom to choose the database that matches your application with wide support for database platforms and operating systems.

  • Files

    Synchronize files and folders across different operating systems with the same mechanism for data synchronization that is powerful and flexible enough to configure and customize.

  • Integration

    Integrate with external systems using included interfaces of JMS, JDBC, REST, and FTP. Expand functionality by using extensions points and scripts. Embed in custom applications.

  • Transform

    Manipulate change data during multiple phases of synchronization with built-in transformations and custom scripts that filter, subset, translate, merge, and enrich the data.

  • Manage Conflicts

    Enforce consistency of bi-directional synchronization by configuring conflict management with automated rules, custom resolvers, or manual resolution from a screen.


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