SymmetricDS Pro 3.6 Released!

JumpMind is excited to announce the release of 3.6. It has been almost a year since our last feature release and we are excited to be moving forward again. 3.5 had many patch releases over the last year that included important bug fixes and general improvements. With 3.6 we have focused on enhancing the SymmetricDS Pro experience and have continued to add features to the core open source SymmetricDS engine. The following outlines some of the more prominent features in 3.6.

Dashboard Enhancements

The New Dashboard

The Dashboard is now more useful. It shows you up to the minute activity that is occurring in your SymmetricDS deployment. This will help in both troubleshooting and understanding the overall utilization of SymmetricDS.

Installation Simplification

SymmetricDS Pro is now easier to install than ever before. We have provided a command center that can start, stop and even install the SymmetricDS service on both Windows and Linux based systems. On top of that, the installation wizard has been upgraded and improved. A new service wrapper that provides better support for multiple operating systems has been added and the node configuration wizard has been simplified. Be sure to check out our new Tutorials Guide. We will be adding content on a regular basis!

General UI Improvements

Support for all of the latest browsers has been added. Many of the SymmetricDS Pro screens have been tweaked for usability and consistency.

MongoDB Data Loader

We have added support for MongoDB. Check out the Users Guide to see how easy it is to route your relational data into a MongoDB database!

Bulk Data Loaders

We have added bulk loading support for MySQL. Many bug fixes and support for LOBs have been added to the SQL Server and PostgreSQL bulk loaders.

File Synchronization

Working closely with customers we have added new features to file synchronization. File synchronization has been stress tested, and performance and stability fixes have been put into place.

Configuration-based Java Extension Points

Java Editor

Up until now we have supported BeanShell extension points that are part of the configuration for Routing, Transforms and Load Filters. While BeanShell is flexible, it is also one of the slower scripting languages. In 3.6 we have added the ability to add the same extension points written in pure Java. The Java code is compiled at runtime. We even threw in a nice little editor complete with compilation capabilities.

Try it Out!

These are just a sampling of improvements in 3.6. Be sure to check out the Core and Pro release notes for more details. We are excited for you to try it out. Be sure to let us know what you think!