Platform Features


The JumpMind Commerce platform leverages a services architecture that adheres to a true Microservices architecture. Both business logic and the associated Datastores are isolated modules organized by commerce functionality. Service endpoints are extendable and configurable as to where they are deployed to and called from.


Mobile First

JumpMind Commerce has been designed from day one for mobile presentation. You get full point-of-sale functionality on any mobile form factor including both Android and iOS devices. The application code that runs on mobile devices is the same code that runs in fixed registers.


Cloud Agnostic

Our services are deployable to the cloud … any cloud. The Microservice based nature of our services means that they can be deployed across multiple types of cloud technologies or even be split between on-premise and the cloud.


Extendable Functionality

Everything is configurable! Parameters, buttons, and form fields are configurable by any categorization you can come up with (ie brand, state, country, store number). The application flow and business logic are both extendable as well. The platform was built to meet the varying needs of enterprise retailers.



The platform doesn’t stop at point-of-sale. JumpMind Commerce provides an entire ecosystem for managing distributed software deployed across entire chains and brands. Built upon SymmetricDS, the platform can distribute data to and from stores beyond the point-of-sale.


Ease of Use

Everyone that has a smartphone is familiar with intuitively designed mobile applications. We are committed to applying these same UX patterns that associates use everyday on their phone to our retail applications.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Boost your productivity with automated continuous deployments. The technology stack that JumpMind Commerce is built on lends itself to CI/CD practices. JumpMind Commerce also has a self update feature to simplify CI/CD deployments across all environments for all types of deployments. It even supports store pilot deployments!



The platform is built for smooth transitioning from online to offline situation during network outages. Primary and secondary microservice sources can be defined for each location enabling continuous transaction processing regardless of network status. A retailer can run their primary services in the Cloud and have secondary in store or vice versa.


Deployment Agility

Supports traditional deployments with microservices in the store and backup in the cloud and transitional deployments with services in the cloud and backup in the store. Built with a completely thin cloud based deployment model in mind. Microservice deployments can be distributed across different cloud providers.