Commerce Features

Functional Features

  • Full POS Functionality

    JumpMind Commerce is a full Point of Sale solution that offers complete sale capabilities including support for mixed basket sales, measured items, product options such as item sizing and color, gift cards, split tendering, customizable receipt options, and more.

  • Omnichannel Capabilities

    JumpMind Commerce offers full omnichannel features built-in to the core POS to make it simpler for you and your associates. Whether you need to fulfill a web order for pickup or delivery, or even create a brand new store order for the customer, JumpMind Commerce seamlessly enables your associates to do this all within the same easy-to-use POS user interface.

  • Promotions Engine

    JumpMind Commerce’s promotion engine boasts the ability to handle your complex promotions in addition to manufacturer coupons, manual discounts, and price overrides. With configurable promotion types and stackability rules, JumpMind Commerce gives you complete control over prioritizing your deals and determining which types of promotions can be applied together. In addition, our near-miss promotion identification can help you upsell your products during the sale process and our built-in best deal promotion algorithm will ensure that your customers are truly provided with the lowest price.

  • Customer Management

    Our customer module works seamlessly with the core JumpMind Commerce POS to allow linking a loyalty customer and applying loyalty benefits. The linked customer view allows you to look at and apply pending loyalty rewards, as well as the option to see a customer’s purchase history. In addition to these perks, the customer account structure enables you to introduce and upsell new customer accounts and monthly subscription programs.

  • Returns Management

    The modular design of JumpMind Commerce allows the Returns Management Engine to run stand-alone or together with the full pos product. Our returns solution provides an out-of-the-box fraud prevention measure that gives you the control to determine how often and how many receipted or non-receipted returns your customers can make. Additionally, the returns engine has the ability to look up a customer’s purchase history so that their returns can be completed without a physical receipt in hand.

  • Internationalization

    JumpMind Commerce is fully internationalized and supports multiple translations and multiple currencies. Support for various fiscal requirements from inclusive and exclusive tax along with a fiscal device framework for countries that require specific fiscal invoices. There is additional functionality around cross-border return management and cross-border gift cards.

  • Built-in Audit Tools & Reporting

    Reporting on sales, employee performance, and cash management is at your fingertips. Capabilities include built-in electronic journal and transaction search functionality along with a framework for building new reports as needed.

  • Dynamic Device Capability & Auto Personalization

    Easily pair, switch or unpair your devices through JumpMind Commerce. This dynamic pairing of customer displays, printers, and more gives you the freedom and flexibility to move around. Whether it is for physical movement through a store, or it is a device’s hardware that suddenly stops working, our dynamic device capabilities give you the power to adapt, without having to shut down or close a whole cash wrap station.

  • Mobile POS

    Full POS capabilities on a mobile device that is completely agnostic to form factor and operating system. With our responsive web UI, the application automatically scales so that the retailer does not need a build for each device type. Additional support for using the inbuilt notifications framework in both iOS and Android for employee or manager notifications like omnichannel orders.

  • Self Checkout

    JumpMind Commerce provides a self checkout UI that enables a retailer to utilize the same software and business logic of their attended fixed lanes but in an autonomous mode. Full support for toggling between fixed and self-checkout, as well as support for operating in a dedicated self-checkout lane. Integration is available to cash machines, associate notification lights, and scales. Additionally, the associate or manager can be presented with a lane management app that allows them to view the self-checkout lanes and be alerted to a customer’s need, and even assist them remotely.

  • Scan and Go

    With a mobile device in the hands of the customer, they can create their basket while they walk around the store. This technology leverages the same microservices engine as associate-facing POS to ensure the business logic, pricing, and promotions are consistent. With Scan and Go, a retailer enables their customers to get in and out of the store quickly without any friction in the purchasing process.

  • Commerce Central

    With a centralized view into the health of your store estate, Commerce Central enables IT and business users alike the ability to manage the configuration of their stores, view central reports and the electronic journal, and deploy new software updates. With JumpMind Commerce’s deployment and auto-update features, you can schedule pilot deployments and subsequent software rollouts by region, geography, store number, etc.