What’s New in SymmetricDS 3.7

What’s New in SymmetricDS Pro 3.7

The new release of SymmetricDS 3.7 will help you:

  • Improve productivity with an updated web console
  • Learn about functionality using integrated documentation
  • Write custom code as extensions that apply dynamically
  • Sync data with IBM DB2 for i (AS/400)

Improved User Interface

The web console is updated with a new graphical appearance and improvements to usability of screens. The new look and feel has more spacing and larger fonts for readability, as well as better performance and additional browser support. Screens show all their functions as buttons and menus across the top so the user can easily find them. New wizards guide the user through multiple steps to setup synchronization quickly. The SQL Explorer was restructured to make browsing table data and metadata more accessible.

Integrated Documentation

Documentation has been expanded into more topics and includes screenshots of the web console screens to explain them. A help link on the corner of each screen opens documentation to the corresponding section. Screens for editing configuration have a split panel that shows help text for the form and field-level descriptions. Documentation is deployed with the web console, so it is available even when accessing a remote server.

Dynamic Extensions

Extensions can be written as scripts or Java code from the web console as part of configuration, making it easy to customize functionality. The editing screen has syntax highlighting and displays compilation errors next to the corresponding line. Extensions are automatically compiled and registered with the synchronization engine whenever they are added or changed, without requiring a restart. When configuration is exported and imported into another environment, the extensions migrate along with the rest of the configuration.

Support for IBM DB2 for i (AS/400)

Sync data with IBM DB2 for i on the AS/400 platform to integrate data in a mixed environment. Capture changes, load data, and synchronize data with any of the other supported databases. Leverage a rich feature set, including guaranteed data delivery, filtered synchronization, data transformation, and offline mode.