What’s New in SymmetricDS 3.4

What’s New in SymmetricDS Pro 3.4

The new release of SymmetricDS 3.4 will help you:

  • Monitor initial load and synchronization services
  • Explore the database with interactive SQL Explorer
  • Synchronize data with MariaDB database

Monitor Processes and Outgoing Loads

New screens were added to monitor process information and outgoing loads. The Processes screen shows activity within the node as it is happening. Watch the progress of data as it is routed and synchronized over pushes and pulls. You can see which nodes are communicating with each other, which tables are syncing, the amount of data, and duration of time.

The Outgoing Loads screen gives more insight into initial load activity than was previously possible using the Outgoing and Incoming Batches screens. Filter for initial loads that are currently running or view past initial loads. The load is summarized for each node to include the number of pending batches, completed batches, and the current table being synced.

Improved SQL Explorer

The SQL Explorer is a useful troubleshooting tool that was moved to an expanded screen that now includes catalog, schema, and table navigation. The metadata about a table can be examined to view the column types, keys, and indexes. The history of SQL commands now has its own dialog to make it easy to find and re-run past commands.

Support for MariaDB

The MariaDB database server and JDBC driver are now supported and continuously tested with our integration suite. A drop-in replacement for the MySQL database, MariaDB is notable for its community-driven development led by the original developers. We’re proud to add another open source product to our list of supported databases.