Endless Aisle: Blurring the Lines Between Physical & Digital Retail

How can Endless Aisles maximize brand loyalty, revenue, and experience?

It’s clear by now, consumers have two fundamental ways to shop (physical and digital retail) and there are clear benefits to both. Shoppers will forever crave the experience of seeing, feeling, and leaving with a desired purchase. Yet, online shopping provides instant access to thousands of products and brand reviews. Consumers now expect that same assortment and education in the physical space—A need that’s hard for retailers to fulfill with limited staffing and even more limited shelf space. 

Enter Endless Aisle

A single solution that effortlessly blends physical and digital retail. This frictionless technology gives shoppers access to a retailer’s entire inventory while shopping in-store. Whether run by an associate or shopper-driven, an Endless Aisle solution offers consumers the best of both worlds. 

The Benefits of Endless Aisle Solutions

  1. Stronger Brand Loyalty

Consumers need consistency when straddling physical and digital adaptations of retail. GE Capital Retail Bank states 81% of retail shoppers conduct online research prior to purchasing. If the item they show up to buy isn’t there, they find it somewhere else. Endless Aisle solutions ensure they leave satisfied with the brand and their purchase—even if it arrives later. 

  1. Increased Revenue

BUSINESS WIRE believes retailers lose $1.75T annually due to overstocked or unstocked items. A strong Endless Aisle solution stops any overflow of excess stock by offering clearer oversight into consumer behaviors and captures in-store sales that would have otherwise been missed.

  1. Maximize Consumer Experience

Whether leveraging a drop ship process with a third-party provider, or a true virtual shelf, Endless Aisle solutions free up valuable floor space for more sensorial storytelling. A Mood Media global study found 78% of consumers believe atmosphere is a key factor in choosing in-store over e-commerce.

Brands that take advantage of the endless aisle technology often see revenue jumps by double digits. We can get you there. Jumpmind Commerce is a full POS solution that offers complete sale capabilities including support for mixed basket sales, product variation options, and consumer data collection. Schedule a demo today.