The Power of Automated Personalization 

Automated Personalization is revolutionizing retail—Discover how a small investment can bring a big impact. 

Online shopping behaviors continue to force evolution for brick-and-mortar retail. Shoppers of every demographic are quickly becoming accustomed to the hyper-personalized experience ecommerce provides. Epsilon states that 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands who provide a personalized experience. Physical retail must find relevant ways to connect and support their shoppers—they must make their trip worth the effort. 

Let’s Get Personal 

Automated Personalization leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to personalize content and increase the likelihood of a shopper taking the recommended action. By implementing these strategies, brick-and-mortar retailers can have the same level of personalization and operational efficiency of ecommerce. 

Data Integration 

Gain a holistic view of customer preferences and behaviors by seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources.

Customer Profiling  

Offer an individualized experience using AI algorithms and machine learning to create highly intricate customer profiles and segmentations. 

Real-Time Targeting 

Provide relevant products, information, and promotions with the ability to communicate with shoppers in real-time.  

Performance Tracking 

Monitor key metrics such as conversion rates, customer engagement, and revenue uplift for better program evaluation and improvement. 

79% of retailers are investing in personalization according to SmarterHQ. They’re getting creative in how they translate online personalization to the physical space. With the constant improvement of shopper profiles, smart shelving, interactive kiosks, and virtual reality—the opportunities are endless. 

The Benefits of Automated Personalization 

  1. Deep Customer Engagement
  2. Dynamic Pricing Strategies 
  3. Seamless Omnichannel Experience 
  4. Rapid Testing 

95% Of companies saw 3x ROI from personalization efforts according to Monetate. Jumpmind Commerce offers automated personalization solutions that dynamically tailor online shopping experiences based on individual customer preferences, behavior, and past interactions. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms and real-time data analysis, Jumpmind Commerce enables businesses to deliver highly targeted and relevant content, promotions, and recommendations, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and driving conversion rates. Schedule a demo today.