Support Overview

JumpMind Support gives you the resources you need right now—plus options to choose a level of support that accommodates the unique needs of your organization. We offer upgradable levels of support which provide exceptional value driven by our relentless commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Production Support

JumpMind provides support services to address your production issues with a guaranteed fast response time. We resolve issues, fix defects in the software, and provide updates or patches. Production support is not consultative in nature.

  • Standard Support – a Standard Support Subscription equips you with support options to keep your application available and on-track. It includes technical support with a 6-hour maximum initial response time during business hours for Priority 1 issues. Incidents are entered via email or a web-based issue tracker.
  • Enterprise Support – an Enterprise Support Subscription gives you the level of coverage needed for a business-critical application. It includes technical support with a 2-hour maximum initial response time covered 24/7 for Priority 1 incidents. Non-emergency priorities are covered during business hours with improved response times over Standard Support. Incidents are entered via email, a web-based issue tracker, or emergency telephone number.

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Development Support

JumpMind provides support services to help you overcome technical issues during the development stage. We answer implementation questions and troubleshoot issues to ensure the core software operates as designed.

  • Standard Support – Standard Support Subscriptions will keep your application development on track with unlimited incidents and faster response time.
  • Enterprise Support – Enterprise Support Subscriptions equip you with additional support options for development efforts required by large organizations. Access to source code and commercial licensing gives the most flexibility to application development.

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Quality of Service

No matter which support option you choose, you can count on consistent quality of support.

  • Highly Skilled – Our support engineers are comprised of the architects and engineers of the software.  Customers are never more than one level away from those who develop the product day-to-day.  This means issues are resolved more effectively and our customers are more satisfied.
  • Priority Level – Each issue is given a priority level based on your assessment of how business is impacted.  A higher priority level escalates the issue and gives it an appropriate response from our team.
  • Responsive – Priority levels have a guaranteed maximum response time.  We are dedicated to meeting or exceeding our published response times.
  • Commitment – We are committed to customer satisfaction and successful deployment of our products.  We constantly look for improvements in our process and incorporate feedback from our customers to deliver outstanding results.

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