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Bridge Between Databases

  • Transform data with real-time processing
  • Keep multiple application databases in sync
  • Sync across firewalls and wide area networks
  • Migrate to a new application database while keeping in sync

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Transformation is used to match the structure of target databases with continuous replication in real time. Data is securely replicated across networks, including traversal of firewalls across wide area networks. Bridging applications keeps their databases in sync to integrate with websites, partner companies, or migrate to a new application.
ETL Databases
Customer Success

Customer Success Stories

  • Time Inc bridges a magazine subscription system on DB2 for IBM z/OS across a wide area network to a customer service application on Sybase ASE.
  • LexisNexis syncs their on-premise practice management applications to a cloud database transformed into a common data model to enable web-based and mobile access.

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