Batch Screen Improvements in SymmetricDS 3.9

In the SymmetricDS 3.9 release, many user interface changes have been made to improve usability and display more information. One area of focus for these improvements are within the Incoming and Outgoing Batch screens. These changes provide a cleaner and more uniform representation of the data displayed on both screens.

Graphical displays have been introduced to quickly show the most relevant info. In addition, filtering methods have been enhanced to provide more flexibility and improve overall usability.

Batch Data Screens

The new Outgoing and Incoming Batch screens are shown below. Notice the changes to the filtering options at the top of the screen and the magnifying glass icon on each row.

Clicking the magnification icon pops open a detailed batch window, which displays graphs and content of the selected batch. Below shows the Summary tab which is first displayed on this screen. This screen displays the batch metadata as well as charts showing processing time and batch content. The Summary tab is shown for both outgoing and incoming batches.

The Captured Data tab shows the outgoing batch data that was captured by SymmetricDS before it is put into the CSV file. Notice on this screen that there are filters for each column of the first table when there are more than 10 rows. Additionally, there is a filter for the row data in the second table which can filter both the column names and content of the columns. Updated columns are also highlighted in this table.

The Sent Data tab shows the outgoing batch data that was sent in the CSV file to the destination node. There are also buttons to refresh this data and to show the raw CSV data for this batch in a popup window on the browser.

The Received Data tab displays the data that was received in the incoming batch. Note that the format of each of these tabs have similar functionality and filtering.

Advanced Filtering

The Advanced Filter button on the Outgoing and Incoming Batch screens allows for flexible filtering options for the batch table. Clicking this button pops open a new screen which is displayed below. This screen has many columns that can be filtered in several ways. Each column has multiple filtering options and the appropriate input fields. Clicking the Apply button will add or merge the filter to the list of tags at the top of the screen.

Clicking the OK button will close the window and apply the list of added filters to the batch table. Each filter is shown in a list of tags on the top of the screen which can be individually removed or cleared. As shown below, several filters can be used at once to provide flexible viewing options.


User interface improvements like the changes to the batch screens are a major focus of the SymmetricDS 3.9 release. One of the main goals for this release was to make the product more user friendly and improve the overall appearance and usability of the web console. The user interface changes made in 3.9 will allow for further improvements and reuse in the future, particularly with the addition of advanced filters and remote statuses.