Outgoing Loads – Get the Details

The initial data load is an important first step for data replication, so in the latest version 3.10 of SymmetricDS Pro, we worked hard to improve the Outgoing Loads screen to make it easy to follow progress and see how long the load will take. Here are some highlights that benefit long-running loads.

Loading Summarized

Found under Manage -> Outgoing Loads on the menu, this screen has been the place to go for a summary of data loads. In SymmetricDS Pro version 3.10, it has some new summary statistics and new buttons. First, you’ll notice it shows the number of tables and rows for the load, which is much easier to think about than batches. It also has a progress bar with a percent complete, based on the number of rows loaded so far. Instead of switching to the Nodes panel, there’s a “Load Data” button right here to start a new partial or full load.

Diving into Details

By clicking on the magnifying glass icon, it opens a view consisting of mini panels of information about the load, each one updating with every refresh interval.

There’s a lot of information on the screen, so let’s describe each of these mini panels:

Basically, it describes which data load this is. How the load was configured, including the nodes involved, whether a full or partial load, the start/end time, and any options selected.
Lists each step of the data load, which includes preparation steps like estimating the number of rows and creating batches that will fill with data. It’s helpful to see movement here even before data begins extracting and loading.
Pie chart with overall percentage complete, based on the number of rows shown below it. It also shows the current data load rate and estimates the total time until completion.
Line chart that graphs the number rows (in blue) and bytes (in orange) loaded over time, plus a green line across showing the current rate. It helps to see the loading rate of both rows and bytes to understand if performance is being maintained.
Pending, Active, Completed Tables
Three panels list which tables are waiting to extract, currently being worked on, or completely loaded. The active tables in the center have progress bars for extract, transfer, and load. By hovering over a progress bar, it will show some underlying statistics like rows per second.


The enhanced Outgoing Loads screen answers the questions we’re continually asked during projects. Questions like, “How long will the data load take?” And also “What table is being loaded right now?” While we’re used to thinking about batches for SymmetricDS, summarizing data load progress in terms of tables and rows is more familiar to users. We’ve tried to make your first encounter with data replication a good one, but we’re always open to ideas to make it better, so let us know what you think!