Retail Technology Leader Jumpmind Brings Newfound Interactive and Personalized Digital Engagement to Inspire Shoppers at Checkout

Retail Technology Leader Jumpmind Brings Newfound Interactive and Personalized Digital Engagement to Inspire Shoppers at Checkout

CX Connect reimagines the notoriously mundane in-store checkout process – while offering a wealth of rich digital experiences for greater relevancy, maximum convenience, and value

SHOPTALK 2024, Las Vegas – March 18, 2024 – Jumpmind, Inc., a leading provider of innovative retail technology solutions, today announced general availability of its CX Connect interactive shopper engagement solution.

CX Connect brings highly personalized digital engagement direct to the customer, reimagining the checkout experience for greater shopper relevancy, interactivity, and value, while giving retailers more brand exposure and sales opportunities.

The offering delivers personalized content, offers, and experiences for shoppers to engage with as store associates scan items for checkout at the Point of Sale. The customer-facing solution runs on any tablet device running iOS, Android or Chrome OS, leveraging the native touchscreen keyboard for ease of use.

American Eagle Outfitters, Build-A-Bear Workshop, The Paper Store, Reitmans (Canada) Ltd., The Vitamin Shoppe, and other retailers are deploying the CX Connect interactive checkout experience.

“There has been great interest in bringing highly personalized ecommerce-like experiences into the store setting; meanwhile, retailers have long endeavored to drive improved shopper engagement during store visits. All the while, the checkout process has remained notoriously tedious, time consuming, and uninspired,” said Joe Corbin, President and CEO, Jumpmind. “CX Connect puts highly relevant, curated omnichannel brand experiences directly in front of the customer, making the most of their time at checkout, while giving retailers fantastic upselling opportunities and so much more.”

“Stores can’t continue to look and feel the way they do,” says Steve Rowen, Managing Partner at RSR Research. “Shoppers interact with tech all day every day, in virtually every part of their lives, and yet one place – the store – continues to operate like a technology-free zone. It’s simply not working for them. They demand more.”

CX Connect surfaces a wide array of content and functionality in real-time and in synch with POS transactions at checkout, offering mutual benefit to shoppers and retailers alike:

● Simplified Loyalty Registration – Customers can choose to self-identify as an existing loyalty member or sign up as a new loyalty member.

● Ability to View and Use Loyalty Points Toward Payment – Shoppers can easily view their loyalty points and opt to use them as part of their payment method; retailers benefit via this proactive effort to reduce their overall loyalty liability.

● Alerts for Near-Miss Promotions – Customers are visually prompted with “near-miss” promotions to encourage additional incremental sales.

● View Personalized Recommendations – Shoppers can view recommended and highly relevant products aligned to items being scanned at the POS, for purchase for ship-to- home or to be saved in a universal cart for future consideration.

● Serve Up Targeted Marketing and Offers – Digital signage area provides the opportunity for messaging and branding, as well as personalized promotions such as private-label credit card offers.

● Support Checkout Charitable Giving – Retailers can surface donation solicitations for charities and/or nonprofits.

By serving up all these options, retailers can enrich the shopping experience for consumers, keeping all available engagement options in focus and top-of-mind, while streamlining store associate customer communications.

CX Connect is designed to work with the Jumpmind Commerce Point of Sale solution. As such, via Jumpmind’s unique “multi-mode” functionality, with one touch of a button, a customer-facing tablet device running CX Connect can be recommissioned as a customer self-checkout station – and back again – providing newfound store checkout configurability.

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