Faster Database Replication with SymmetricDS Pro 3.8

SymmetricDS Pro cross-platform database replication is now available with improved performance, built-in monitoring, better network resilience, and easier initial loads.

Columbus, Ohio – October 5, 2016 – JumpMind, a leading provider of data integration software, announced today the availability of SymmetricDS Pro version 3.8, the company’s premier database replication software. The new release improves performance of database replication, adds monitoring with notification, and makes it easier to send data loads.

The overall performance of data replication was improved by adding multi-threaded processing, reducing round trips to the database, and optimizing critical routines. Separate threads are used for extract, transfer, and loading of data so each step runs in parallel. The user is given control to assign each table to a channel, with each channel using a separate replication thread. Database load was reduced 70% by performing more operations in memory, and processing load was reduced 35% by optimizing routines. “There are replication performance benefits for everyone in the new SymmetricDS release,” said Eric Long, Vice President of Solutions at JumpMind. “Large systems will realize faster replication with a lower load through the multi-threaded improvements. Virtual environments and smaller systems that already compete for shared resources will see dramatic processing improvements.”

Network resilience was improved to maintain replication across faulty and low-bandwidth connections. When experiencing network errors, replication will automatically recover by retrying. The user is notified if network errors occur past a configurable period of time without any successful replication. To save network bandwidth, batches with errors are retried from a staging area instead of resending them. Connection timeouts are avoided by using keepalives during push and pull replication. The user can throttle network usage by setting a maximum transfer speed on each channel. Long said, “Our deployments must often work with challenging network conditions in remote locations, and this release of SymmetricDS further strengthens our ability to withstand network disruption and make efficient use of the network.”

“This release of SymmetricDS further strengthens our ability to withstand network disruption and make efficient use of the network.”

SymmetricDS now has built-in monitoring that notifies the user of problems via email. The user configures which types of monitors should run and what threshold causes an event. Several monitor and notification types are included, and the user can configure new ones by writing a custom script. Long said, “For customers without a monitoring infrastructure, they now have a way to be notified of replication problems so they can take immediate action. And SymmetricDS continues to have runtime statistics available for customers who want to use third party monitoring software.”

Enhancements to the initial load make it faster and easier to bring a new database online with a replicated copy. The initial load now runs on a background thread so extraction can run in parallel with transfer and loading. Instead of sending a batch for each table, the data is broken into multiple batches with a size configured by the user. Partial loads can also be sent on-demand by specifying tables and filter criteria. Long said, “The load wizard makes it easy to initialize a full or partial set of tables, to have tables created automatically, or cleared before loading. With multiple batches, the system is more responsive and you can easily see progress of the load.”

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