SymmetricDS Editions

Professional EditionCommunity Edition
Suited For UseThe Professional Edition is an enterprise-ready server designed for running critical business applications in production. The Community Edition is the developer version of the core server that is free for use by anyone interested in testing the latest technology. Business Applications Developers
PriceThe price is an annual fee for a subscription that includes support services and software licensing. Starting at $2,400 USD Free
LicenseThe GPL license can be used with open source projects. A commercial license is needed for use with commercial software. Subscription or Commercial GPL v3
SupportProfessional support addresses your technical issues with a guaranteed fast response time. We work with you over email, web, phone, and screen share. Get expert help when you need it. Professional Support Community
Command Line OperationAccess to command line utilities for setup, administration, and automation of tasks.
Change Data CaptureDatabase transactions with inserts, updates, and deletes are captured as data changes. Trigger or Log-based Trigger-based
GUI Install and SetupGUI based installation tool to setup options during installation. Options can be saved to automate future installations.
Web Management ConsoleWeb based console for configuration and management. Monitor and administer replication of all nodes from a central application.
Process ActivitySee all process activity with progress bars and statistics as each stage of replication progresses.
Encryption and CompressionSecure data with (AES-256, SHA-256) encryption for staging data, user logins, and database credentials. Staging data is also compressed to conserve space.
Users and RolesRestrict access to the replication web console with user logins and assign roles to limit the type of access.
Certified VersionQuality Assurance team performs integration, system, and performance testing to certify that a release is ready for production.
Issue TrackingEnter issues over email or use the support center website to track progress. During resolution, the customer and support engineers can add comments, upload attachments, and update the status.
Planned Version SupportVersions are planned with commitments to compatibility and time periods for support, maintenance, bug fixes, and security updates under an end of life schedule.
Maintenance UpdatesUpgrade to the latest version of the software. Receive regular software updates for the current version that fix defects and add improvements.
Requested Bug FixesExpedite the fix for a specific defect that has been reported. We fix the defect and deliver as a patch or maintenance release.
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Download the full professional edition now and receive a free trial license to evaluate the software for 90 days. Experience a smooth installation and enhanced productivity with graphical tools that make it easy to install, setup, monitor, and troubleshoot. Contact us to request a supported evaluation experience that is customized to your synchronization scenario.

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