1. I’m thrilled to see our newest product Metl displayed prominently on the site! Metl is a lightweight, web based integration platform that quickly allows configuring data integrations between disparate systems. It’s a fairly new product and its launch lined up nicely with the new website. Both the website and Metl development took time and care, and it seemed fitting that they arrive in public view together. We hope, as you look around the updated site, you’ll take a look at both SymmetricDS and Metl as well as the services and solutions JumpMind has to offer.
  2. Our graphic designers from Idiom Design created a pleasing overall look and feel and helped restructure our content. They did a great job working with us to freshen up the site and make it responsive for all size devices from mobile phones to tablets to 4k monitors. We also spent a good deal of time re-organizing the structure of the site to make things quick and easy to find.
  3. Last, and most importantly, the website was designed with you in mind. We constantly strive to let people know what’s happening at JumpMind and how we are helping our customers solve their data integration needs faster, more reliably and within their budget. Hopefully you find information on the site that will give you ideas on how you can maximize your integration efficiency and better utilize the JumpMind products on a day to day basis.

We hope you like the site. Feel free to let us know what you think!

Author: Jen Henson