Instant Gratification Without the Inefficiency: BOPIS, BORIS, and Curbside

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BOPIS, BORIS, and Curbside Pickup offer consumers and retailers the best of both worlds.


Curbside. BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In-store). BORIS (Buy Online, Return In-store). No matter how you say it, one thing is crucial—click-and-collect consuming and returning is quickly becoming standard. BOPIS has increased by over 554% YOY. And for a good reason—it provides both shoppers and retailers the best of both worlds—physical and digital.


For Shoppers

Instant gratification at its fastest.

In a fast-paced world, speed is of the essence. 83% of consumers find shopping convenience more important than before. Even retailers like Amazon can’t beat the speed of the time it takes for a shopper to purchase an item online and pick it up locally.

Everyone loves free shipping.

Free shipping has become more of an expectation than a perk and fees are a primary reason for online cart abandonment. Free shipping, even when it requires a short trip to pick it up from a physical store is a powerful tool to increase conversion and sales.


For Retailers

Set the pace with industry leaders.

National big box retailers can maneuver the world of mass shipping in a way that keeps fees down for their consumers. But what about small, medium, and local businesses? Click-and-collect helps you offer the same frictionless experience as mass retail without any sacrifice.

Offer experience with efficiency. 

It’s not just shipping click-and-collect retail enhances—It also reduces time, cost, and the manual labor involved in picking, packing, and shipping orders. It also provides an omnichannel experience for shoppers, giving you a platform for shopper personalization options including custom promotions and recommended basket builders.


Whether it’s curbside, in-store, or locker pickup, click-and-collect is here to stay. 56% of shoppers plan to continue using BOPIS after pandemic restrictions are lifted—a massive increase from pre-pandemic times. However you choose to improve your shopper journey, Jumpmind Commerce is a full POS solution that offers a streamlined way to increase customer satisfaction and ultimately revenue. Schedule a demo today.